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The 30 largest airports and airlines in Germany

For the 30 biggest airports in Germany we provided further information. Alone at Frankfurt am Main Airport operate 100 airlines to and from 239 destinations.

The biggest national airlines is Lufthansa out of a total of 13. It is leading the list with 244 flight destinations.

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The largest airports in Germany

What is a "commercial airport" is regulated in Germany by the state aviation authority in § 38 of the Air Traffic Licensing Regulations (LuftVZO). Besides some special airports, these are mainly those serving commercial and general aviation. In total, there are 16 international airports, 12 of which are considered major airports with over 50,000 passengers. With more than 500,000 aircraft movements and 70 million passengers per year, Frankfurt Airport is the largest in the country.

FRAFrankfurt am Main AirportFrankfurt am Main100239
BERAirport Berlin BrandenburgBerlin97170
MUCMunich AirportMunich77191
DUSDüsseldorf AirportDusseldorf57147
TXLBerlin-Tegel AirportBerlin48109
HAMHamburg AirportHamburg4287
STRStuttgart AirportStuttgart3080
CGNCologne Bonn AirportCologne2692
HAJHannover AirportHannover2450
SXFBerlin-Schönefeld AirportBerlin1769
NUENuremberg AirportNuremberg1732
LEJLeipzig/Halle AirportLeipzig1328
BREBremen AirportBremen1343
DRSDresden AirportDresden1118
DTMDortmund AirportDortmund1128
FKBKarlsruhe Baden-Baden AirportBaden-Baden518
FMOMünster Osnabrück AirportMünster411
FMMMemmingen Allgau AirportMemmingen821
FDHFriedrichshafen AirportFriedrichshafen612
SCNSaarbrücken AirportSaarbrücken44
PADPaderborn Lippstadt AirportPaderborn48
GWTWesterland Sylt AirportWesterland37
RLGRostock-Laage AirportRostock35
HHNFrankfurt-Hahn AirportFrankfurt am Main247
LBCLübeck Blankensee AirportLubeck24
KSFKassel-Calden AirportKassel12
HDFHeringsdorf AirportHeringsdorf15
ERFErfurt AirportErfurt16
MHGMannheim-City AirportMannheim11
NRNWeeze AirportWeeze138

Oldest airport: Hamburg

The oldest airport in Germany still in operation today is Hamburg Airport, which opened in 1911. In 2016 it was renamed from "Hamburg-Fuhlsbüttel" to "Hamburg Airport Helmut Schmidt". At the time of its foundation it was used for airships. It survived the Second World War almost undamaged and was thus expanded and used by the British occupation forces. An extensive modernization with a new terminal and new piers and began in the 90s. Another fundamental reconstruction took place shortly after the turn of the millennium.

Freight volume

In 2020, a total of 5.45 billion ton-kilometers of cargo was moved by air in Germany (= total mass transported in tons multiplied by kilometers traveled). Frankfurt am Main Airport alone accounted for around 2.09 million metric tons.

The largest airlines based in Germany

Airlines are mainly divided into the areas of passenger transport, freight transport, charter flights and ambulance services. In addition, there are further gradations such as military and government service providers and also subdivisions into e.g. low-cost airlines. In addition, there are charter companies which partly or exclusively carry out individual flights on behalf of the customer.

By far the largest German airline is the formerly state-owned Lufthansa, which has been fully privatized since 1997. It takes on tasks from all the areas mentioned above. Cargo flights are carried out both by the airline and by its subsidiary Lufthansa Cargo. Its hubs are at the major airports of Frankfurt and Munich, from where other international airlines also offer a large proportion of intercontinental flights.

DECondor Flugdienst65
GVAero Flight26
MRHomer Air12
7EAeroline GmbH2
WFXWestfalia Express VA1
FLBGerman Air Force - FLB1
HAYHamburg Airways1

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