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Since 2010 is running more as a hobby project, which will probably never turn into something profitable. Far more than 100 hours of work are done every year for this website. Although the available data are mostly not connected to third-party costs, research und programming is time consuming and cumbersome. Still, it's fun to work with numbers and to publish them here.

But the work should not be free at all. With Google Adsense a little income is generated through advertising. But it isn't enough to reach any kind of a halfway serious hourly wage. Nevertheless, this website wasn't ever planned to do so.

Still, it's nice to get a little support for an ambitious project. Donate for and make it possible to provide more updates and future evaluations.

Thank you very much!
Lars Eglitis

Use of donations

The button for donations is availble since March 2016. A sad status after quite a while: not even enough for more than 2 pizzas per year. Thank you so much, guys :(

Should there develop a positive trend, it is a first object to further reduce the banner advertising and ultimately abolish it. Even now, there are never more than 2 advertisements per page.