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Average penis size by country: worldwide comparison

No other topic on this website has been asked for more often than the average size of male genitalia. This international comparison now gives some basic data about the mean sizes per country.

Over all countries, the average size of a penis is about 13.58 cm. The longest one is 17.61 cm long and carried by men in Ecuador. The average length in Cambodia is only 10.04 cm, which is about 6.1 percent of the body height.

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Size by country

Penis sizes by origin

CountryErect lengthBody sizePercentage of height
Ecuador17.61 cm1.67 m10.54 %
Cameroon16.67 cm1.71 m9.75 %
Bolivia16.51 cm1.68 m9.84 %
Sudan16.47 cm1.71 m9.63 %
Haiti16.01 cm1.72 m9.32 %
Senegal15.89 cm1.75 m9.09 %
Gambia15.88 cm1.68 m9.47 %
Cuba15.87 cm1.73 m9.16 %
Netherlands15.87 cm1.84 m8.65 %
Zambia15.78 cm1.67 m9.45 %
France15.74 cm1.78 m8.83 %
Angola15.73 cm1.68 m9.38 %
Canada15.71 cm1.78 m8.80 %
Egypt15.69 cm1.73 m9.08 %
Zimbabwe15.68 cm1.70 m9.23 %
Georgia15.61 cm1.75 m8.92 %
Paraguay15.53 cm1.73 m8.97 %
Chad15.39 cm1.71 m9.01 %
Italy15.35 cm1.74 m8.81 %
Central African Republic15.33 cm1.68 m9.11 %
Colombia15.26 cm1.71 m8.91 %
Ivory Coast15.22 cm1.68 m9.07 %
Brazil15.22 cm1.75 m8.69 %
Sweden15.08 cm1.80 m8.36 %
Bulgaria15.02 cm1.73 m8.66 %
Costa Rica15.01 cm1.74 m8.64 %
Honduras15.00 cm1.69 m8.87 %
Hungary14.99 cm1.76 m8.50 %
Mexico14.92 cm1.70 m8.78 %
Denmark14.88 cm1.82 m8.19 %
Argentina14.88 cm1.74 m8.54 %
El Salvador14.88 cm1.70 m8.75 %
Serbia14.87 cm1.80 m8.24 %
Belgium14.77 cm1.79 m8.25 %
Croatia14.77 cm1.81 m8.18 %
Latvia14.69 cm1.80 m8.16 %
Belarus14.63 cm1.78 m8.21 %
Chile14.59 cm1.73 m8.46 %
Austria14.53 cm1.78 m8.15 %
Germany14.52 cm1.80 m8.07 %
Algeria14.49 cm1.74 m8.34 %
Democratic Republic of the Congo14.48 cm1.68 m8.64 %
Australia14.46 cm1.79 m8.10 %
Nigeria14.38 cm1.70 m8.47 %
Switzerland14.35 cm1.79 m8.04 %
Norway14.34 cm1.80 m7.95 %
Poland14.29 cm1.80 m7.93 %
Albania14.19 cm1.74 m8.17 %
Cape Verde14.05 cm1.75 m8.04 %
New Zealand13.99 cm1.78 m7.88 %
North Macedonia13.98 cm1.76 m7.95 %
Ukraine13.97 cm1.80 m7.75 %
Spain13.85 cm1.76 m7.88 %
Finland13.77 cm1.80 m7.64 %
Libya13.74 cm1.75 m7.84 %
Azerbaijan13.72 cm1.73 m7.92 %
India13.71 cm1.66 m8.28 %
Afghanistan13.69 cm1.68 m8.16 %
Israel13.60 cm1.76 m7.75 %
United States of America13.58 cm1.77 m7.68 %
Japan13.56 cm1.72 m7.90 %
Turkmenistan13.48 cm1.73 m7.78 %
Venezuela13.33 cm1.73 m7.71 %
Greece13.30 cm1.79 m7.44 %
Russia13.21 cm1.76 m7.50 %
South Korea13.16 cm1.75 m7.52 %
Armenia13.14 cm1.73 m7.59 %
United Kingdom13.13 cm1.78 m7.38 %
China13.07 cm1.75 m7.49 %
Turkey12.99 cm1.76 m7.39 %
Ireland12.78 cm1.79 m7.16 %
Mongolia12.77 cm1.70 m7.50 %
Romania12.73 cm1.77 m7.18 %
Yemen12.72 cm1.63 m7.81 %
Taiwan12.60 cm1.73 m7.28 %
Pakistan12.20 cm1.67 m7.32 %
Iran11.95 cm1.75 m6.84 %
Indonesia11.67 cm1.66 m7.05 %
Singapore11.53 cm1.73 m6.66 %
Malaysia11.49 cm1.68 m6.82 %
Vietnam11.47 cm1.68 m6.83 %
Thailand11.45 cm1.71 m6.68 %
Bangladesh11.20 cm1.65 m6.81 %
Hong Kong11.19 cm1.74 m6.42 %
Sri Lanka10.89 cm1.67 m6.50 %
Philippines10.85 cm1.65 m6.59 %
Myanmar10.70 cm1.66 m6.45 %
Cambodia10.04 cm1.65 m6.09 %

How to measure

In principle, the length is always measured on the upper side from the root of the shaft to the tip of the glans. If there is a fat pad above the root, this may be slightly pressed in during measurement. To measure the circumference, one usually takes the circumference at the root. In some studies, the circumference of the glans was measured instead, which is why this information would be very contradictory and was therefore not included in the evaluation.

Relation to body height

tape measure Only a few studies have been able to establish a correlation between body size and penis length. If at all, the correlation is marginal. Some studies even explicitly point out that they have not found a correlation. The table above can confirm this to some extent. The shortest lengths are found in countries with a similarly small body size. From an erect length of about 12 cm, no dependence can be detected.

A relation to the body mass index was also almost never found. Here there is some disagreement in the research. While a relationship was explicitly denied in most studies, an Indian study from 2007 (Promodu, Shanmughadas, Bhat, Nair) showed a slight correlation. In contrast, an Italian study from 2001 (Ponchietti, Mondaini, Bonafè, Di Loro, Biscioni, Masieri) found an inverse relationship.

The situation is similar with age: Hardly any of the studies could find a connection to the age of the test persons.

Mathematically speaking, the stiff length of 13.6 cm is about 1.5 times as long as the flaccid length (Ø 9.3 cm). As a rule, one can only roughly deduce the erect size from the flaccid penis. The terms blood penis (so-called "grower") and flesh penis (the "shower") are often used for this. The grower is smaller in the flaccid state. During an erection, a relatively large amount of blood flows into the erectile tissue, causing it to grow. The shower is already quite large in a normal state and mainly changes its hardness, but not its length. This difference is mainly due to climate conditions. About 80 percent of men have a blood penis and live predominantly in cold regions.

Comparison with other body parts

It is often claimed that the length of the male limb can be determined by the size of the shoe or the length of the index finger. In three of the more than 40 studies evaluated here, no connection to the length of the index finger was determined. An Iranian study (2006: Mehraban, Salehi, Zayeri) could detect a minimal correlation. A study from Korea (2011: Choi, Kim KH, Jung, Yoon SJ, Kim SW, Kim TB) found no evidence of a dependence on the index finger. The latter study curiously found an inverse dependence to the length of the middle and ring finger.

The parallel to shoe size, which is so often assumed in the vernacular, is equally unclear. No connection was found here either.

Data sources

In this evaluation, the results of numerous studies have been evaluated and made relative to the number of their probands. Wherever possible, sources were skipped when they were based on self-reported measurements. The collected values should roughly illustrate the relationship between penile sizes and origin, instead of giving an exact evaluation. In some cases, there were only a few dozen test subjects in a country, which doesn't allow for a representative survey.
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