Average penis sizes in a worldwide comparison

No other topic on this website has been asked for that often, than the average size of a male genital. This international comparison now gives some basic data about the mean sizes per country.

Over all countries the average size of a penis is about 14.03 cm. "The longest one" is 17.93 cm long and carried by men in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Men (and women) in South Korea have to get along with only 9.66 cm.

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Penis sizes by origin

RankCountryerect lengthbody heightpercentage for height
1.Democratic Republic of the Congo17.93 cm168 cm10.67 %
2.Ecuador17.61 cm167 cm10.54 %
3.Colombia17.03 cm169 cm10.08 %
4.Venezuela17.03 cm171 cm9.96 %
5.Cameroon16.67 cm170 cm9.81 %
6.Bolivia16.51 cm167 cm9.89 %
7.Sudan16.47 cm168 cm9.80 %
8.Brazil16.10 cm173 cm9.31 %
9.France15.74 cm179 cm8.80 %
10.Haiti16.01 cm172 cm9.31 %
11.Senegal15.89 cm175 cm9.08 %
12.Gambia15.88 cm167 cm9.51 %
13.Cuba15.87 cm172 cm9.23 %
14.Netherlands15.87 cm183 cm8.67 %
15.Zambia15.78 cm168 cm9.39 %
16.Italy15.35 cm177 cm8.67 %
17.Angola15.73 cm169 cm9.31 %
18.Egypt15.69 cm169 cm9.28 %
19.Zimbabwe15.68 cm170 cm9.22 %
20.Georgia15.61 cm175 cm8.92 %
21.Paraguay15.53 cm172 cm9.03 %
22.Nigeria15.50 cm167 cm9.28 %
23.Chad15.39 cm172 cm8.95 %
24.Sweden15.08 cm180 cm8.38 %
25.Central African Republic15.33 cm168 cm9.13 %
26.Ivory Coast15.22 cm168 cm9.06 %
27.Bulgaria15.02 cm178 cm8.44 %
28.Costa Rica15.01 cm169 cm8.88 %
29.Honduras15.00 cm167 cm8.98 %
30.Hungary14.99 cm177 cm8.47 %
31.Mexico14.90 cm168 cm8.87 %
32.Austria14.53 cm178 cm8.16 %
33.Denmark14.88 cm181 cm8.22 %
34.Argentina14.88 cm174 cm8.55 %
35.El Salvador14.88 cm169 cm8.80 %
36.Serbia14.87 cm181 cm8.22 %
37.Belgium14.77 cm181 cm8.16 %
38.Croatia14.77 cm180 cm8.21 %
39.Latvia14.69 cm181 cm8.12 %
40.Belarus14.63 cm178 cm8.22 %
41.Germany14.52 cm180 cm8.07 %
42.Chile14.59 cm171 cm8.53 %
43.Iran14.55 cm173 cm8.41 %
44.Algeria14.49 cm171 cm8.47 %
45.Switzerland14.35 cm178 cm8.06 %
46.Norway14.34 cm180 cm7.97 %
47.Poland14.29 cm177 cm8.07 %
48.Albania14.19 cm174 cm8.16 %
49.Turkey13.19 cm174 cm7.58 %
50.Cape Verde14.05 cm174 cm8.07 %
51.New Zealand13.99 cm178 cm7.86 %
52.Macedonia13.98 cm178 cm7.85 %
53.United Kingdom13.97 cm178 cm7.85 %
54.Ukraine13.97 cm178 cm7.85 %
55.Canada13.92 cm178 cm7.82 %
56.Greece13.87 cm177 cm7.84 %
57.Spain13.85 cm176 cm7.87 %
58.Finland13.77 cm180 cm7.65 %
59.Libya13.74 cm174 cm7.90 %
60.Azerbaijan13.72 cm171 cm8.02 %
61.Afghanistan13.69 cm165 cm8.30 %
62.Turkmenistan13.48 cm172 cm7.84 %
63.Australia13.31 cm179 cm7.44 %
64.Armenia13.14 cm172 cm7.64 %
65.United States13.21 cm177 cm7.46 %
66.Russia13.21 cm176 cm7.51 %
67.India12.26 cm165 cm7.43 %
68.Ireland12.78 cm178 cm7.18 %
69.Mongolia12.77 cm169 cm7.56 %
70.Romania12.73 cm175 cm7.27 %
71.Yemen12.72 cm162 cm7.85 %
72.Pakistan12.20 cm167 cm7.31 %
73.Indonesia11.67 cm163 cm7.16 %
74.Singapore11.53 cm172 cm6.70 %
75.Malaysia11.49 cm168 cm6.84 %
76.Vietnam11.47 cm164 cm6.99 %
77.Bangladesh11.20 cm164 cm6.83 %
78.Hong Kong11.19 cm172 cm6.51 %
79.Japan10.92 cm171 cm6.39 %
80.China10.89 cm171 cm6.37 %
81.Sri Lanka10.89 cm165 cm6.60 %
82.Philippines10.85 cm163 cm6.66 %
83.Taiwan10.78 cm173 cm6.23 %
84.Burma10.70 cm165 cm6.48 %
85.Thailand10.16 cm168 cm6.05 %
86.Cambodia10.04 cm163 cm6.16 %
87.South Korea9.66 cm174 cm5.55 %
88.North Korea9.66 cm171 cm5.65 %

Data sources

In this evaluation, the results of numerous studies have been evaluated and made relative to the number of their probands. Wherever possible, sources where skipped when they were based on self-reported measurements. The collected values should roughly illustrate the relationship between penile sizes and origin, instead of giving an exact evaluation. In some cases there were only a few dozens of test persons in a country, which doesn't allow a representative survey.
Photo: Manhood on a Tree, Miusam CK (CC BY 2.0)