Sunrise and sunset on Norfolk Island

The times of sunrise and sunset on Norfolk Island are caused by the southern position in the hemisphere. Not that far in the south, but quite noticable the longest days are in winter months, while the shortest days fall into our summer. In the northern hemisphere it is vice versa. Kingston is positioned near the 29 southern latitude. For comparison: New York's latitude is 40th in the north, having a much longer distance to the equator.

With up to 14 hours the longest days are in Dezember. In Juni a night in Kingston lasts almost 14 hours.

Who wants to look at the sunrise in these days, has to wake up early. Sunrise in Kingston starts already at 5:06 in the morning. The early sunset at 17:59 makes the day currently a bit too short.

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Average lentgh of daylight in Kingston

Average lentgh of daylight in Kingston

Sunrise and sunset in the most important cities of Norfolk Island

The cities are ordered by their geographic position from east to west, so in an approximate direction of the sun course. Since the orbit of the sun is elliptical, sunrise or sunset never happen on a whole longitude at the same time. All data given for October 18th., localtime on Norfolk Island

CitySunriseSunsetHours of daylight
Kingston05:06 am05:59 pm12:53 hours

International cities for comparison

CitySunriseSunsetHours of daylight
Berlin (Germany)07:36 am06:06 pm10:30 hours
New York (USA)07:10 am06:12 pm11:02 hours
Sydney (Australia)06:09 am07:11 pm13:03 hours
Manila (Philippines)05:46 am05:35 pm11:49 hours
Moscow (Russia)07:05 am05:24 pm10:19 hours
Shanghai (China)05:57 am05:20 pm11:23 hours
Helsinki (Finland)08:06 am06:04 pm9:58 hours