Gross debt in New Zealand

The government gross debt refers to the total of all sums of money that have to be paid to other countries, communities or institutions. On the other hand not included in the gross debt are the demands of a country to foreign ones.

The gross debt in New Zealand in the period from 2002 to 2016 was between 21.8 bn and 91.3 bn USD. The hightest level within the past 14 years was reached in 2012. However, the liabilities in 2016 have been only 79.69 bn USD

Based on the number of inhabitants, this is in New Zealand a debt of 16,905 USD per person. For comparison: The average debt per person in the same year in the European Union was 31,202 USD.

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Gross debt of the last 14 years in billion USD

JahrNew Zealand totalNew Zealand per capitaEU per capita
200221.84 bn USD5,531 USD11,593 USD
200342.58 bn USD10,572 USD14,402 USD
200445.58 bn USD11,151 USD16,970 USD
200550.67 bn USD12,257 USD17,846 USD
200647.91 bn USD11,449 USD18,591 USD
200750.73 bn USD12,010 USD20,509 USD
200848.06 bn USD11,281 USD23,520 USD
200938.78 bn USD9,013 USD25,266 USD
201051.16 bn USD11,758 USD30,683 USD
201181.49 bn USD18,589 USD34,278 USD
201291.33 bn USD20,718 USD33,161 USD
201388.83 bn USD19,996 USD35,247 USD
201488.87 bn USD19,676 USD36,694 USD
201577.08 bn USD16,722 USD31,489 USD
201679.69 bn USD16,905 USD31,202 USD

Comparison of the gross debt per capita with the European Union in Euro

      New Zealand       European Union