Sunrise and sunset on the Cocos Islands

Times for sunrise and sunset on the Cocos Islands won't differ much all over the year. The reason is the only fair proximity to the equator. So in summer the sun moves slightly to the north and in the winter slightly back to south, but without much change in the distance. E.g. in the Nordic countries of Europe the difference is much more extreme.

With up to approximately 12:50 hours the longest days happen to be in Dezember. In Juni a night in West Island lasts almost 13 hours.

In these days the sun in West Island rises at 6:20. The early sunset at 17:47 makes the day currently a bit too short.

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Average lentgh of daylight in West Island

Average lentgh of daylight in West Island

Sunrise and sunset in the most important cities of the Cocos Islands

The cities are ordered by their geographic position from west to east, so in an approximate direction of the sun course. Since the orbit of the sun is elliptical, sunrise or sunset never happen on a whole longitude at the same time. All data given for June 19th., localtime on the Cocos Islands

CitySunriseSunsetHours of daylight
West Island06:20 am05:47 pm11:27 hours

International cities for comparison

CitySunriseSunsetHours of daylight
Berlin (Germany)04:40 am09:35 pm16:55 hours
New York (USA)05:23 am08:32 pm15:09 hours
Auckland (New Zealand)07:31 am05:12 pm9:41 hours
Manila (Philippines)05:26 am06:28 pm13:02 hours
Moscow (Russia)03:41 am09:20 pm17:39 hours
Shanghai (China)04:48 am07:02 pm14:13 hours
Helsinki (Finland)03:50 am10:53 pm19:03 hours