Inflation rates in Uzbekistan

The inflation rate for consumer prices in Uzbekistan moved over the past 7 years between 8.1% and 17.5%. For 2022, an inflation rate of 11.4% was calculated.

During the observation period from 2015 to 2022, the average inflation rate was 14.0% per year. Overall, the price increase was 151.31%. An item that cost 100 sums in 2015 costs 251.31 sums at the beginning of 2023.

Inflation rates in global comparison

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Performance over the last 7 years compared with the USA

In only a few countries the price increase is that high. The Consumer Price Index (CPI) of 17.5% in 2018 means, that compared to the previous year all prices increased by an average of 17.5%. In comparison to most other countries, the drastic price increases are no longer average. Usually this is a sign of political and economic turmoil.

Performance based on 100% in 2014:Performance in Uzbekistan

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Inflation calculator for Uzbekistan

Enter any amount, an initial year and an end year here. You will then be provided with the original amount after inflation. Example: 1,000 sums in 2015 corresponds to 2,513.15 sums at the beginning of 2023 due to inflation.

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Inflation rates for consumer goods in Uzbekistan

Inflation rates for consumer goods in Uzbekistan

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Historical inflation rates in comparison

YearUzbekistanØ EUØ USAØ World
202211.45 %9.22 %8.00 %8.31 %
202110.85 %2.55 %4.70 %3.48 %
202012.87 %0.48 %1.23 %1.92 %
201914.53 %1.63 %1.81 %2.19 %
201817.52 %1.74 %2.44 %2.44 %
201713.88 %1.43 %2.13 %2.19 %
20168.13 %0.18 %1.26 %1.55 %
20158.75 %-0.06 %0.12 %1.43 %

Data basis: International Monetary Fund, World Bank and OECD Inflation CPI indicator (doi:10.1787/eee82e6e-en)
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