Absolute monarchy
Independent since 1971

State of Qatar
Local name:
قطر / Qatar
Western Asia
11,610 km²
Qatar on the world map


Qatar is a country on a peninsula in the Persian Gulf. The land has a total area of 11,610 km² (4,483 mi²) and a total coastline of 563 km (349.8 mi). This land area is approximately 111% of the area of Hawaii. Qatar is thus one of the smallest countries in Asia by area and ranked 165th worldwide. Urbanization in the country has progressed so far that all residents are now counted as part of the urban population. Almost every fourth inhabitant lives in Ar Rayyan.

With an average elevation of only 28 m above sea level, Qatar is one of the lowest-lying countries in the world. The highest elevation (Qurain Abu l-Baul) reaches only 103 meters. The country has 27 islands in the open sea. Saudi Arabia ist the only directly neighboring country of Qatar. The distance between New York City and the Capital Doha is about 10,780 km (6,698 mi).


Life expectancy females:
Ø 80.7 years
Birth rate:
10.9 ‰
Death rate:
1.2 ‰
72.7% : 27.3%

Population pyramid

Population pyramid Qatar 2021
The currency in Qatar is the Qatari rial (QAR).
1 Rial is divided into 100 Dirham.
Status: 05/26/2023
1 US dollar = 3.63 Rials
1 Rial = 0.28 US dollar

The climate in Qatar

The long summers are characterized by intense, dry heat from May to September, with temperatures rising to over 45 °C. The winter months, on the other hand, are mild, but can also be relatively cold, with temperatures below 10 °C. Precipitation occurs almost exclusively in winter and then predominantly only in the north of the country, where the influence of the Persian Gulf is stronger. Thus, the north receives up to 30 percent more precipitation than the south. In addition, Qatar experiences shamal winds, which cause sand and dust storms mainly on summer days. Large masses of sand are moved from the north (Jordan and Syria) to the Persian Gulf.

Average daytime and nighttime temperatures
Average daytime and nighttime temperatures in Qatar


Official language:

Mother tongueDistribution
Arabic40.7 %
other59.3 %


State religion:
Sunni Islam

other Muslims30.6%



GDP:179.68 bn $
Exportations:105.55 bn $
Importations:61.20 bn $
Tourism receipts:14.32 bn $
Unemployment rate:0.1 %
Inflation rate:5.00 %
Corruption index:58 (moderate)
Energy consumption:44.1 bn kWh

According to the definition from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Qatar is a developing country because of its lower economic performance. With a Human Development Index (HDI) of 0.855, Qatar counts as one of the high developed economies by UN definition.

Considering the purchasing power parity, Qatar is among the 10 richest countries in the world and, with an average annual income of 62,310 USD is one of the high-income countries.

Land use

13% Urban areas:1,495 km²
6% Agricultural areas:656 km²
0% Forest:0 km²
81% Others:9,459 km²



Roadways:7,039 km
Commercial harbors:129

Most important cities

Doha / CapitalBaladiyat ad Dawhah587,000
Ar RayyanBaladiyat ar Rayyan606,000
Al-WakrahAl Wakrah299,000
Al-KhoorAl Khawr202,000
Umm Salal MuhammadBaladiyat Umm Salal29,000
Ash ShahaniyahBaladiyat ar Rayyan8,380
DukhanBaladiyat ar Rayyan7,250
Umm Sa'idAl Wakrah5,770
Madinat ash ShamalMadinat ash Shamal5,270
Al WukayrAl Wakrah5,150
Ar Ru’aysMadinat ash Shamal3,330
Umm Bab2,500
Al Ghuwayriyah2,330
Al Jumayliyah1,790
FuwayritMadinat ash Shamal1,330

Political indicators

(Based on the "Worldwide Governance Indicators" project of the World Bank)

Political stability:
Rule of law:
Regulatory quality:
Voice accountability:
Death penalty:constitutionally allowed

Existing trade agreements


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