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The 7 largest airports and airlines in Mongolia

For the 7 biggest airports in Mongolia we provided further information. Alone at Chinggis Khaan International Airport operate 7 airlines to and from 15 destinations.

The biggest national airlines is MIAT Mongolian Airlines out of a total of 3. It is leading the list with 7 flight destinations.

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The 7 biggest airports in Mongolia

ULNChinggis Khaan International AirportUlan Bator715
MXVMörön AirportMörön21
ULZDonoi AirportUliastai11
HVDKhovd AirportKhovd11
ULOUlaangom AirportUlaangom11
LTIAltai AirportAltai11
BYNBayankhongor AirportBayankhongor12

The biggest airlines based in Mongolia

OMMongol Air (MIAT Mongolian Airlines)7
7MMongol_air (Mongolian International Air Lines )5
EZAEznis (Eznis Airways)1