Erdbeben in Niigata, Japan

Earthquakes in Japan

In Japan earthquakes of the world's most extreme strength occur. In the case of earthquakes with a magnitude of more than 9.0, destruction and devastation can occur within a range of up to 1000 kilometers. Due to the special tectonic situation of the country, there are more earthquakes than average.

Since 1950 more than 7500 people died by direct consequences of earthquakes. 91 earthquakes also caused a subsequent tsunami, which claimed further lifes and damages.

Other natural hazards in Japan:

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Earthquakes in Japan since 1950

The strongest earthquake in Japan happened on 03/11/2011 in the region Honshu with a magnitude of 9.1 on the Richter scale. The shifting of tectonic plates in a depth of 24 km resulted in 1476 deaths. The earthquake also triggered a tsunami with further victims and destructions.
DateRegionTiefeMagnitudeDeathsTotal damage
11/21/2016Near E Coast Honshu49 km6.90
10/21/2016Kurayoshi23 km6.20
04/15/2016Kumamoto, Oita6 km7.050
11/13/2015Kyusyu Island30 km6.70
05/30/2015Bonin Islands [chichijima Island]11 km7.80
05/02/2015Honshu (S. Of)46 km5.70
02/16/2015Honshu27 km6.70
11/22/2014Nagano (Hakuba, Otari)18 km6.20
07/11/2014Sanriku59 km6.50
03/13/2014Southwestern17 km6.30
10/25/2013Honshu (E Coast) 7.10
04/17/2013Miyakejima33 km5.80
04/12/2013Japan17 km5.80
12/07/2012Honshu (Miyagi Prefecture)23 km7.20
03/14/2012Hokkaido35 km6.90
07/10/2011Honshu (E Coast)10 km7.00
04/11/2011Honshu12 km6.67
04/07/2011Near E Coast Honshu43 km7.13
03/11/2011Honshu24 km9.11476
03/11/2011Near E Coast Honshu40 km7.90
03/11/2011Off East Coast Honshu50 km7.60
03/09/2011Honshu (E Coast)20 km7.50
12/21/2010Bonin Islands40 km7.40
02/26/2010Tori Shima, Okinawa26 km7.00
12/17/2009Honshu (Ito)36 km4.90
08/10/2009Honshu (S Coast)9 km6.41
09/11/2008Hokkaido50 km6.80
07/23/2008Honshu19 km6.81
07/19/2008Off East Coast Of Honshu Island28 km6.90
06/13/2008Honshu (Tokyo)45 km6.913
05/07/2008Honshu (E Coast)20 km6.80
09/28/2007Volcano Islands57 km7.50
07/16/2007Honshu (W Coast)22 km6.69
04/15/2007Honshu30 km4.60
03/25/2007Honshu (W Coast)57 km6.71
06/11/2006Kyushu26 km6.30
11/14/2005East Coast Honshu51 km7.00
08/16/2005East Coast Honshu28 km7.20
07/23/2005Honshu (Tokyo)56 km5.90
03/20/2005Kyushu (Fukuoka, Genkai)41 km6.61
01/19/2005East Coast Honshu36 km6.60
12/14/2004Hokkaido (Obiro, Haboro, Tomamae)10 km5.80
12/06/2004Hokkaido (Kushiro)11 km6.80
11/28/2004Hokkaido (Bekkai, Kushiro, Nemouro)14 km7.00
11/08/2004Honshu (Niigata Prefecture)58 km5.50
10/27/2004Honshu (Niigata Prefecture)50 km5.90
10/23/2004Honshu (Niigata Prefecture) 6.640
09/05/2004Honshu (W Coast: Kyoto, Wakayama, Sakai)18 km7.40
09/05/2004Honshu (W Coast: Kyoto)7 km7.20
10/31/2003East Coast Honshu28 km7.00
10/15/2003Near S Coast Honshu (Atsugi)35 km5.20
09/25/2003Hokkaido6 km8.30
09/20/2003Honshu (Tokyo)50 km5.70
07/25/2003Honshu (Miyagi, Iwate)7 km5.50
05/26/2003Honshu (Iwate, Miyagi, Yamagata, Akita)33 km7.00
03/26/2002Ryukyu Islands48 km6.40
03/24/2001Hiroshima, Okayama, Honshu, Kagama53 km6.82
10/06/2000Honshu (W: Okayama, Tottori)19 km6.70
07/30/2000Honshu45 km6.50
07/15/2000Near S Coast Honshu (Nii-Jima)30 km6.10
07/01/2000Near S Coast Honshu (Kozu-Shima)55 km6.11
03/28/2000Volcano Islands22 km7.60
09/30/1997Honshu24 km6.20
03/26/1997Kyushu, Kagoshima47 km6.10
12/02/1996Kyushu59 km6.70
10/19/1996Kyushu Island40 km6.70
10/18/1996Kyushu Island20 km6.60
09/04/1996Honshu Island, Japan1 km5.70
10/19/1995Ryuku Is.36 km6.80
10/18/1995Ryuku Is.26 km7.10
04/01/1995Niigata Prefecture, Sado33 km5.40
01/16/1995Sw Honshu (Kobe, Awaji-Shima, Nishinomiya)52 km6.95502
12/28/1994Honshu23 km7.83
04/08/1994Off East Coast Of Honshu Island40 km6.40
08/07/1993Japan41 km6.30
07/12/1993Hokkaido; Russia (Southeast; South Korea)11 km7.723
02/07/1993Honshu (Ishikawa, Toyama, Niigata)42 km6.30
01/15/1993Hokkadio, Kushiro, Hachinohe, Honshu5 km7.62
08/11/1992Honshu55 km6.30
07/18/1992Honshu Island58 km7.00
02/01/1992Honshu (Tokyo)4 km5.60
09/23/1990W. Of Bonin Islands, Izu Is.7 km6.50
02/20/1990Near S. Coast Of Honshu39 km6.40
11/01/1989Honshu (N, Aomori, Misawa)34 km7.40
10/29/1989N. Honshu Island38 km6.60
07/09/1989Honshu (Ito, Ajiro)9 km5.00
12/17/1987Honshu (Chiba Perfecture, Tokyo)19 km6.02
03/24/1987Honshu Island47 km5.10
03/18/1987Kyushu (Miyazaki, Naze)30 km6.72
02/06/1987East Coast Honshu17 km6.30
09/18/1984Honshu Island44 km6.90
09/13/1984Honshu (Central: Mt Ontake)49 km6.129
08/06/1984Kyushu (Nobeoka)38 km6.720
06/13/1984Tori Shima, Okinawa25 km5.50
10/30/1983Tottori, Yonango57 km5.20
10/03/1983Miyakejima, Oshima35 km6.00
08/08/1983Honshu (S Coast)57 km5.31
06/21/1983N. Honshu Island27 km6.90
06/09/1983Noshiro, Japan3 km5.90
05/26/1983Honshu (Akita)59 km7.74
12/28/1982S. Of Honshu Island42 km6.10
07/23/1982Ibaraki, Japan53 km6.80
03/21/1982Hokkaido, Urakawa, Hiroo7 km6.7110
01/18/1981E. Honshu Island24 km6.90
09/24/1980Tokyo, Yokohama24 km6.02
06/29/1980Honshu (S Coast)5 km6.20
02/20/1979Iwate, Japan32 km6.40
06/12/1978Sanriku26 km7.728
06/03/1978S Honshu (Hiroshima)52 km4.90
02/20/1978Ofunato, Tohoku58 km6.10
01/14/1978Tokkaido, Oshima39 km6.625
04/20/1975Oita, Arosan50 km6.10
01/23/1975Arosan14 km5.80
08/03/1974Honshu (Kakiota, Mito, Tokyo)34 km5.72
05/08/1974Nakagi25 km6.530
06/17/1973Hokkaido Island2 km7.70
12/04/1972S Of Honshu, Hachijojima12 km7.40
02/29/1972S Of Honshu (Hachijojima, Tokyo)59 km7.20
08/02/1971Japan Trench56 km7.30
07/25/1970Seikaido, Japan10 km7.00
01/19/1969Hokkaido4 km7.60
10/07/1968Bonin Islands20 km7.50
06/12/1968Sanriku50 km7.20
05/16/1968Off Coast Of Honshu Island1 km7.50
05/16/1968Off East Coast Of Honshu Island55 km8.252
04/01/1968Kyushu, Shikoku4 km7.51
02/21/1968Kyushu 6.33
04/19/1965Aichi, Shizouka Prefectures58 km6.01
06/16/1964Honshu (W Coast)44 km7.526
05/07/1964Nw. Honshu Island 6.60
05/07/1964Nw. Honshu Island14 km6.90
05/21/1962Off Coast Of Honshu Island 5.70
04/30/1962Honshu (Sendai)30 km6.81
04/12/1962Sanriku43 km7.20
08/19/1961Honshu (W Coast) 7.310
02/26/1961Miyazaki48 km7.32
07/29/1960Sanriku45 km6.70
03/23/1960Sanriku 6.70
03/20/1960Sanriku30 km7.50
03/11/1958Ryukyu Islands56 km7.50
08/12/1956Izu Peninsula37 km6.50
11/18/1954Honshu (Miyagi Prefecture)55 km6.50
11/25/1953Kashima 7.41
03/09/1952Hokkaido 7.10
03/04/1952Hokkaido41 km8.133

These statistics are based on datas from the National Geophysical Data Center / World Data Service (NGDC/WDS): Significant Earthquake Database. . doi:10.7289/V5TD9V7K. Several data have been summarized and translated. Foto taken from National Geophysical Data Center (NGDC, public domain).