Timezones in Indonesia

There are several timezones in Indonesia. Countries with a large distance from West to East are often devided into two or more timezones to adjust daytimes to the position of the sun. Timezones are always computed relatively to UTC, the "Universal Time Coordinated".

In Indonesia exists a time difference of up to 2 hours between the East and the West. Indonesia has no time difference between summer and winter. A daylight saving time doesn't exist.

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Timezones by region

RegionTimezoneDaylight saving timeUTCCurrent time
JakartaWestern Indonesian Time (WIB)no+7Mar 24, 5:10 pm
JayapuraEastern Indonesian Time (WIT)no+9Mar 24, 7:10 pm
MakassarCentral Indonesian Time (WITA)no+8Mar 24, 6:10 pm
PontianakWestern Indonesian Time (WIB)no+7Mar 24, 5:10 pm