Earthquakes in Sumatra 2004, Indonesia

Earthquakes in Indonesia

In Indonesia, earthquakes of the most extreme strength occur. In the case of earthquakes with a magnitude of more than 9.0, destruction and devastation can occur within a range of up to 1,000 kilometers. Compared to the size of the country, earthquakes occur with above-average frequency, but rarely with devastating damage.

Since 1950, more than 24,800 people died by the direct consequences of earthquakes. There were 64 earthquakes that also caused a subsequent tsunami, which claimed further lives, and cause additional damage.

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Most recent events

This list includes the strongest earthquakes recorded in or around Indonesia by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) in the past 14 days. Whether an event is listed here depends largely on its magnitude, but also on its distance from inhabited areas. All data refer to the local time. Due to the current situation, we update this page several times a day. The next update is expected around 18:00 UTC.

Recent earthquakes in Indonesia
  • March 28, 12:19 pm
    Magnitude 5.0: 105 km northeast of Luwuk at a depth of 75.02 km.
  • March 27, 3:39 am
    Magnitude 4.9: Pulau Pulau Tanimbar at a depth of ten km.
  • March 26, 9:41 pm
    Magnitude 5.1: Banda Sea at a depth of 47.36 km.
  • March 26, 7:43 pm
    Magnitude 4.9: Pulau Pulau Tanimbar at a depth of 24.19 km.
  • March 26, 9:53 am
    Magnitude 4.5: 94 km west-southwest of Banda Aceh at a depth of 65.62 km.
  • March 24, 7:16 pm
    Magnitude 4.6: 279 km south of Kencong at a depth of ten km.
  • March 24, 6:26 pm
    Magnitude 4.7: 204 km west of Abepura at a depth of 31.11 km.
  • March 23, 4:23 am
    Magnitude 5.1: 105 km east-southeast of Maumere at a depth of 110.20 km.
  • March 21, 11:40 pm
    Magnitude 4.9: 112 km northeast of Tobelo at a depth of ten km.
  • March 20, 2:30 am
    Magnitude 4.9: 51 km west of Bengkulu at a depth of 58.10 km.

Earthquakes in Indonesia since 1950

Earthquakes in Sumatra 2004, IndonesiaThe strongest earthquake in Indonesia happened on 12/26/2004 in the Sumatra (Aceh: Off West Coast) region with a magnitude of 9.1 on the Richter scale. The shifting of tectonic plates in a depth of 53 km resulted in 1001 deaths. The earthquake also triggered a tsunami, leading to further victims and destruction.
DateRegionDepthMagnitudeDeathsTotal damage
02/09/2023New Guinea (Irian Jaya: Jayapura)22 km5.14
01/09/2023Banda Sea105 km7.60
11/21/2022West Java (Cianjur)10 km5.6635
09/30/2022Sumatra21 km5.91
02/25/2022West Sumatra (Pasaman, West Pasaman)12 km6.227
01/14/2022Pandeglang, Banten37 km6.60
12/14/2021Flores Region18 km7.30
10/15/2021Bali (Karangasem, Bangli)10 km5.13
08/26/2021Central Sulawesi (Tojo Una-Una)8 km5.51
06/16/2021Maluku10 km5.80
04/10/2021Java (Lumajang, Malang)82 km6.010
01/14/2021Sulawesi (Mamuju, Majene)18 km6.2105
06/04/2020North Maluku (Morotai)107 km6.40
03/10/2020Java (Sukabumi, Bogor)23 km5.00
11/14/2019Molucca Islands33 km7.11
11/12/2019Maluku (Ambon)50 km5.02
10/10/2019Passo54 km5.01
09/25/2019Maluku (Ambon)18 km6.531
08/02/2019Java (Banten)53 km6.96
07/14/2019Molucca Islands10 km7.38
04/12/2019Sulawesi Island (Luwuk)18 km6.81
03/17/2019Lombok Island10 km5.66
02/27/2019Sumatra (Solok)10 km5.40
11/14/2018Sulawesi (Mamasa)14 km5.57
10/10/2018Madura Island, Java9 km6.04
09/28/2018Sulawesi4 km6.11
09/28/2018Sulawesi20 km7.54340
08/19/2018Lombok Island21 km6.911
08/19/2018Lombok Island16 km6.32
08/09/2018Lombok Island15 km5.96
08/05/2018Lombok Island34 km6.9560
07/28/2018Lombok Island14 km6.417
07/21/2018Sumatra (Solok)10 km5.21
06/13/2018Madura Island, Java10 km4.60
04/18/2018Java (Banjarnegara)10 km4.53
01/23/2018Java (Banten)48 km5.91
12/15/2017Java56 km6.54
11/18/2017North Maluku (Morotai)3 km5.81
10/31/2017Maluku (Ambon)37 km6.11
05/29/2017Sulawesi (Poso)51 km6.60
03/21/2017Bali15 km5.60
12/06/2016Sumatra (Aceh: Pidie Jaya)39 km6.5104
07/31/2016Sumbawa Island (West Nusa Tenggara)28 km5.60
06/07/2016Maluku (Ternate Island)33 km6.30
06/01/2016Sumatra (Pesisir Selatan)8 km6.61
03/02/2016Sumatra:11 km7.80
01/16/2016Maluku (Buru, Ambalau Island)4 km5.61
11/04/2015East Nusa Tenggara (Alor)19 km6.50
09/24/2015Sorong 6.60
07/27/2015Papua11 km7.01
11/15/2014N. Moluccas Islands12 km7.10
01/25/2014Java (Banyumas)51 km6.10
10/22/2013Banda Aceh1 km5.51
07/08/2013Java40 km5.70
07/02/2013Banda Aceh2 km6.142
06/22/2013Lombok Island39 km5.10
01/21/2013Sumatera52 km6.11
08/18/2012Sulawesi (Sigi, Parigi Mountong)52 km6.36
07/25/2012Banda Aceh45 km6.51
06/04/2012Java13 km5.80
04/11/2012North Sumatra (Off West Coast)36 km8.610
04/11/2012North Sumatra (Off West Coast)10 km8.20
09/05/2011Sumatra11 km6.710
04/24/2011Sulawesi (Kendari)51 km6.10
10/25/2010Sumatra22 km7.80
06/16/2010New Guinea (Irian Jaya: Japen)27 km7.017
05/09/2010N. Sumatra (Simeulue Island)41 km7.20
04/06/2010Sumatra1 km7.80
01/10/2010Java (Garut)4 km5.11
11/08/2009Sumabawa (Bima)43 km6.62
10/01/2009Sumatra (Southern: Kerinci)27 km6.63
09/30/2009Sumatra (Padang)9 km7.51117
09/18/2009Bali (Denpasar)57 km5.70
09/02/2009Java1 km7.081
08/16/2009Sumatra (Padang)21 km6.70
02/11/2009Kepulauan Talaud50 km7.20
01/03/2009Near North Coast50 km7.65
01/03/2009Near North Coast40 km7.30
11/16/2008Minahassa Peninsula32 km7.36
09/09/2008Sumatra (Southern)27 km5.42
02/25/2008Sumatra (Padang)33 km6.50
02/20/2008Sumatera (Aceh Province)30 km7.43
01/22/2008Sumatra (Nias Island: Gunungsitoli)57 km6.11
01/07/2008New Guinea (Manokwari, )26 km5.90
11/25/2007Sumbawa Island17 km6.53
09/12/2007Sumatra26 km8.425
09/12/2007Sumatra3 km7.90
09/09/2007Situbondo37 km4.80
08/08/2007Java58 km7.50
07/26/2007Maluku16 km6.90
05/29/2007Labuha5 km6.10
03/06/2007Sumatra (Southern)38 km6.467
01/21/2007Molucca Islands45 km7.54
12/17/2006Sumatera (Northern, Muarasipongi)17 km5.87
12/01/2006Sumabawa (Bima)47 km6.31
11/29/2006Halmahera (Morotai)17 km6.20
11/24/2006Sulawesi (Pinrang)26 km5.20
07/17/2006Java25 km7.70
05/26/2006Java (Bantul, Yogyakarta)58 km6.35749
05/12/2006Sumatra (Kaliandak)56 km5.50
03/28/2006N. Sumatra (Tapaktuan)43 km5.00
03/14/2006Seram33 km6.70
01/27/2006Banda Sea53 km7.60
07/18/2005Timor (Timor Tengah Utara)59 km5.30
07/09/2005Sulawesi (Donggala)17 km5.90
07/05/2005Sumatra (Nias Island: Gunungsitoli)2 km6.70
04/10/2005Padang11 km6.70
03/28/2005Sumatera (Sw)36 km8.61303
02/02/2005Java (Garut)18 km4.81
01/23/2005Sulawesi (Palu)12 km6.31
12/26/2004Sumatra (Aceh: Off West Coast)53 km9.11001
11/26/2004Nabire3 km7.132
11/11/2004Kepulauan Alor41 km7.534
04/23/2004Timor (Kupang)30 km6.70
04/16/2004Bali24 km5.50
04/09/2004Sumatra (Padang)50 km5.40
02/22/2004Sumatra (Pesisir Selatan)27 km6.00
02/16/2004Sumatra (Padangpanjang)39 km5.15
02/07/2004Nabire35 km7.30
02/05/2004Nabire2 km7.037
01/28/2004Seram30 km6.70
01/01/2004Bali, Lombok31 km5.81
12/05/2003Flores, Ruteng27 km4.90
08/11/2003Halmahera (Wasile)9 km6.00
05/26/2003Morotai, Berebere, Daruba27 km7.01
03/25/2003Flores (Reo)25 km6.54
03/21/2003Java (Caracas, Cilimus, Sampora)20 km4.60
01/23/2003Sumbawa Island (Dompu)22 km5.50
11/02/2002Sumatera (Simeulue)10 km7.33
10/10/2002New Guinea (Manokwari, Oransbari, Ransiki)20 km7.68
09/20/2002New Guinea (Irian Jaya: Ransiki)35 km6.40
08/15/2002Sulawesi (Tojo)26 km6.248
10/19/2001Banda Sea44 km7.50
07/12/2000Jawa:Bandung, cibadak, cimandiri, kadudampit42 km5.40
06/07/2000Southern Sumatera (Lahat)26 km6.71
06/04/2000Sumatra (Bengkulu, Enggano)26 km7.9103
05/04/2000Sulawesi (Luwuk, Banggai, Peleng, )16 km7.646
12/21/1999Pandeglang, W Jawa, Se Sumatera57 km6.55
11/29/1998Mangole, Manado, Taliabu31 km7.741
09/28/1998Jawa, Malang, Blitar, Bantur30 km6.61
11/25/1997Sulawesi (Minahassa Peninsula, gorontalo)33 km7.00
09/28/1997Sulawesi, Parepare28 km5.920
08/20/1997N. Sumatera, Aceh, Banda Aceh, Medan15 km6.00
02/17/1996New Guinea (Irian Jaya: Biak, Supiori)30 km8.254
01/01/1996Sulawesi (Minahassa Peninsula, Tolitoli)10 km7.90
10/06/1995Sumatera, Jambi Province45 km6.884
05/14/1995Timor, Dili, Maliana, Maubara21 km6.90
03/19/1995Irian Jaya Region14 km6.90
10/08/1994Halmahera7 km6.81
06/05/1994Java2 km6.10
06/04/1994Java50 km6.50
06/03/1994Java59 km6.60
06/02/1994Java34 km7.80
02/15/1994Southern Sumatera, Liwa, Lampung43 km6.9207
01/21/1994Kau29 km7.09
12/12/1992Flores Region, Maumere, Babi26 km7.81000
02/04/1992Jawa, Brebes39 km4.40
07/04/1991Timor (Kalabahi, Dili)10 km6.528
06/20/1991Minahassa (Gorontalo, Mamado)52 km7.50
11/15/1990North Sumatera, Blangkejeren, Kutacane32 km6.81
07/06/1990Java (W, Kuningan, Majalenga)20 km4.80
04/18/1990Minahassa Peninsula (Bolaang-Gorontalo)19 km7.63
09/04/1989Tembagapura55 km6.00
08/01/1989Kurima District, Baliem River4 km5.8120
07/14/1989Timor (Alor)40 km6.20
03/08/1989Molucca Passage (Morotai, Tanawangu)32 km5.60
11/26/1987Timor (Pantar, Mount Sirung)14 km6.5125
04/25/1987Sumatera (N, Tarutung-Lake Toba, )7 km6.62
01/29/1986Sumatera (S, Hahat, Muaraenim)34 km5.00
11/17/1985New Guinea (Irian Jaya: Manokwari)21 km7.10
09/15/1985New Guinea (Irian Jaya: Enarotali)54 km6.310
04/13/1985Denpasar, Bali 6.20
08/27/1984North Sumatera (Tarutung)26 km5.20
01/08/1984Sulawesi13 km6.62
10/25/1983Central Sulawesi23 km6.12
10/16/1983Celebes (Minahassa: Tolitoli)28 km6.00
04/04/1983Sumatera (Banda Aceh)34 km6.60
03/12/1983Banda Sea35 km6.50
12/25/1982Flores Island (Eastern)2 km5.913
08/06/1982Flores Islands (Ruteng)52 km5.60
03/11/1982Sumbawa Island Region27 km6.40
02/24/1982Northern Sumatera40 km5.40
02/10/1982Java, Sukabumi51 km5.50
01/19/1981New Guinea (Irian Jaya: Jayawijaya Mts)1 km6.7305
04/16/1980Java (Tasikmalaja)20 km5.80
12/17/1979Sumbawa Island (Bali, Lombok)23 km6.327
12/15/1979South Sumatera41 km6.68
11/02/1979Java3 km6.130
10/20/1979Sumbawa Island10 km6.22
09/12/1979New Guinea (Irian Jaya)51 km7.915
05/30/1979Sumbawa Island52 km5.822
05/21/1979Bali5 km5.40
08/19/1977Sunda Islands55 km8.00
03/08/1977Sumatera, sinurat, talu28 km6.00
01/26/1977Bali (Kayubihi, banjar Antugan Jehem)29 km5.20
10/29/1976New Guinea (Irian Jaya: Jayawijaya)7 km7.1133
07/14/1976Bali24 km6.5573
06/25/1976New Guinea (Irian Jaya)56 km7.16000
02/09/1975Java24 km5.61
01/15/1975Maluku (Bandanaira)24 km5.90
06/11/1972Celebes Sea 7.80
06/16/1971Java (Buaran, bantar Kawsun, jipang)22 km5.21
02/04/1971Natal, Sibolga, Tarutung, Pasaman28 km7.10
01/10/1971New Guinea (Irian Jaya:Djajapura, sentani)3 km8.10
11/21/1969Off Nw Coast Sumatera35 km7.70
02/23/1969Sulawesi (Parasanga, Paletoang)56 km7.464
01/30/1969Talaud Islands, Mindanao, Visayan40 km7.50
08/14/1968Sulawesi (Tambu, coast Of Mapaga)19 km7.40
08/10/1968Molucca Islands (Manado, Celebes)4 km7.60
05/28/1968New Guinea (Irian Jaya)18 km7.70
04/12/1967North Sumatera, malay Peninsula50 km6.114
04/11/1967Makassar Strait12 km5.558
02/19/1967Java (Dampit, gondang, trenggalek)35 km6.854
01/24/1965Sanana Island12 km7.671
04/02/1964Banda Aceh51 km7.00
01/08/1964Sulawesi (Pinrang)49 km5.28
12/16/1963Java (Labuhan, Menes, Ponorogo)31 km6.60
11/04/1963Banda Sea11 km8.30
05/18/1963Bali34 km6.00
03/16/1961Flores (Endeh)35 km6.52
04/29/1960Central Sulawesi (Una-Una Island)20 km0.00
10/20/1958Java (Malang)37 km6.78
04/21/1958Sumatra (Bengkulu)36 km6.70
10/26/1957Kalimantan Island57 km6.00
06/22/1957New Guinea (Irian Jaya)23 km7.30
04/16/1957Java Sea4 km7.50
07/18/1956Banda Sea35 km7.50
11/02/1954Sumabawa (Bima, raba)54 km6.80
11/02/1950Banda Sea56 km8.10
10/08/1950Seram9 km7.60
06/19/1950Java (Gresik)54 km6.516

These statistics are based on datas from the National Geophysical Data Center / World Data Service (NGDC/WDS): Significant Earthquake Database. doi:10.7289/V5TD9V7K. Data have been summarized and translated.
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