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The 30 largest airports and airlines in Indonesia

Further information is provided on the 30 biggest airports in Indonesia. At Soekarno-Hatta International Airport alone, 45 airlines operate and serve flights to and from 64 destinations.

Out of the 14 airlines of the country we have listed biggest 8. Susi Air is leading here with a total of 53 flight destinations.

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The 30 biggest airports in Indonesia

CGKSoekarno-Hatta International AirportJakarta4564
DPSNgurah Rai (Bali) International AirportDenpasar-Bali Island3342
SUBJuanda International AirportSurabaya1725
UPGHasanuddin International AirportUjung Pandang-Celebes Island826
DJJSentani International AirportJayapura-Papua Island59
SOQDominique Edward Osok AirportSorong-Papua Island36
PKUSultan Syarif Kasim Ii (Simpang Tiga) AirportPekanbaru-Sumatra Island127
BDOHusein Sastranegara International AirportBandung-Java Island89
PLMSultan Mahmud Badaruddin II AirportPalembang-Sumatra Island88
LOPLombok International AirportMataram710
MDCSam Ratulangi AirportManado-Celebes Island711
BTHHang Nadim International AirportBatam Island617
PDGMinangkabau International AirportKetaping/Padang - Sumatra Island53
PNKSupadio AirportPontianak-Borneo Island54
BTJSultan Iskandar Muda International AirportBanda Aceh53
AMQPattimura Airport, AmbonAmbon59
BKSFatmawati Soekarno AirportBengkulu-Sumatra Island42
TRKJuwata AirportTarakan Island45
TKGRadin Inten II (Branti) AirportBandar Lampung-Sumatra Island32
MKQMopah AirportMerauke-Papua Island31
BEJKalimarau AirportTanjung Redeb - Borneo Island31
PLWMutiara AirportPalu-Celebes Island34
TTESultan Khairun Babullah AirportSango-Ternate Island33
MKWRendani AirportManokwari-Papua Island35
BIKFrans Kaisiepo AirportBiak-Supiori Island22
TIMMoses Kilangin AirportTimika-Papua Island23
LUVDumatumbun AirportLanggur-Seram Island22
KTGKetapang(Rahadi Usman) AirportKetapang-Borneo Island12
NTXRanai AirportRanai-Natuna Besar Island11
NBXNabire AirportNabire-Papua Island13

Freight volume

In 2021, a total of 772.90 million ton-kilometers (= total mass transported in tons multiplied by kilometers traveled) of cargo was moved by air in Indonesia. Soekarno-Hatta International Airport alone accounted for around 501,803 metric tons.

The biggest airlines based in Indonesia

The largest airline in the country with scheduled passenger traffic and in terms of fleet size is Susi Air. It flies to 53 domestic and international airports. It currently has a fleet of 168 aircrafts. The main airlines for civil passenger traffic in Indonesia are:

IATANameCallsignFleet sizeDestinations
SISusi AirSkyqueen16853
GAGaruda IndonesiaIndonesia13490
JTLion AirLion Inter11142
IDBatik AirBatik7346
IWWings AirWings Abadi67113
IUSuper Air JetProsper4025
QZIndonesia AirAsiaWagon Air2526

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