Earthquakes in Tangshan 1976, China

Earthquakes in China

In China there are partly large earthquakes with strengths of more than 7.0, which cause damages within a radius of over 100 kilometers. Measured by the size of the country, earthquakes occur rather rarely.

Since 1950 more than 369400 people died by direct consequences of earthquakes. 6 earthquakes also caused a subsequent tsunami, which claimed further lifes and damages.

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Earthquakes in China since 1950

Earthquakes in Tangshan 1976, ChinaThe strongest earthquake in China happened on 05/12/2008 in the region Sichuan Province with a magnitude of 7.9 on the Richter scale. The shifting of tectonic plates in a depth of 1 km resulted in 87652 deaths. The earthquake also triggered a tsunami with further victims and destructions.
DateRegionTiefeMagnitudeDeathsTotal damage
04/01/2020Qinghai Province27 km5.30
01/19/2020Xinjiang Province56 km6.01
12/18/2019Sichuan Province (Neijiang)7 km5.20
11/25/2019Guangxi Province21 km5.01
09/07/2019Sichuan Province (Neijiang)14 km5.11
06/17/2019Sichuan (Yibin)45 km5.813
05/17/2019Jilin Province (Songyuan)52 km4.80
02/25/2019Sichuan Province (Rongxian)59 km4.92
01/03/2019Sichuan (Yibin)8 km5.20
12/16/2018Sichuan (Yibin)11 km5.40
09/08/2018Yunnan Province (Mojiang Hani)31 km5.60
08/12/2018Yunnan Province (Yuxi)26 km5.00
05/27/2018Jilin Province (Ningjiang)52 km5.10
11/23/2017Chongqing (Wulong)7 km5.10
11/17/2017Tibet (Xizang Province) (Nyingchi)45 km6.40
08/08/2017Sichuan Province (Aba)54 km6.525
08/08/2017Xingjiang (Bortala)8 km6.30
05/10/2017Xinjiang (Quzgun, Taxkorgan Tajik)7 km5.48
03/26/2017Yunnan Province6 km5.00
12/08/2016N. Xinjiang (Urumqi)6 km6.01
11/25/2016Xinjiang Province (Kashgar)11 km6.61
07/31/2016Guangxi Province17 km4.90
05/11/2016Tibet (Xizang Province)22 km5.20
07/03/2015S. Xinjiang (Hotan)1 km6.43
03/14/2015Anhui Province (Fuyang)38 km4.62
03/01/2015Yunnan Province (Cangyuan, Gengma)5 km5.50
02/22/2015Xinjiang Province (Shawan)14 km5.10
02/20/2015Yunnan Province28 km4.50
01/14/2015Sichuan Province (Leshan)23 km5.30
12/06/2014Yunnan Province (Yongping)52 km5.61
11/22/2014Sichuan Province (Garze)58 km5.95
10/07/2014Yunnan Province (Yongping)12 km6.11
08/16/2014Yunnan Province (Yongshan)4 km5.00
08/03/2014Yunnan (Ludian: Longtoushan, Zhaotong)57 km6.2615
05/30/2014Yunnan Province (Yingjiang)17 km5.90
04/04/2014Yunnan Province (Xiluodu)44 km5.40
02/12/2014Xinjiang Province (Yutian)6 km6.90
11/22/2013Jilin Province (Songyuan)4 km5.30
08/31/2013Yunnan Province (Benzilan)15 km5.85
08/27/2013Yunnan Province (Shangri-La)36 km5.20
08/11/2013Tibet (Xizang Province) (Qamdo)31 km5.70
07/21/2013Gansu (Dingxi, Min)56 km6.094
04/20/2013Sichuan Province (Longmen)47 km6.6196
03/11/2013Xinjian Province37 km5.10
03/03/2013Yunnan Province16 km5.40
02/19/2013Yunnan Province (Qiaojia)1 km4.90
11/26/2012Xinjiang Province (Ruoqiang)48 km5.10
09/07/2012Yunnan Province (Zhaotong: Yiliang)42 km5.681
07/20/2012Jiangsu Province52 km4.91
06/29/2012Xinjiang Province33 km6.30
06/24/2012Yunnan And Sichuan Provinces34 km5.54
12/01/2011Xinjiang Province (Southern, Kashi)17 km5.30
11/01/2011Xinjiang Province28 km5.60
08/11/2011Xinjiang Province (Southern, Kashi)29 km5.70
08/09/2011Yunnan Province (Baoshan)22 km5.00
06/26/2011Qinghai Province16 km5.30
06/20/2011Yunnan Province (Baoshan)55 km5.30
06/08/2011Xinjiang Province (Dabancheng)26 km5.30
04/10/2011Sichuan Province (Luhuo)47 km5.10
03/10/2011Yunnan Province (Pingyuan)16 km5.525
02/01/2011Yunnan Province (Pingyuan)26 km4.80
08/29/2010Sichuan Province (Ningang, Ziaojia)31 km4.90
04/13/2010Qinghai Province (Yushu)38 km6.92220
02/25/2010Yunnan Province51 km4.80
01/30/2010Sichuan Province (Moxi)58 km4.71
01/17/2010Guizhou Province26 km4.47
11/01/2009Yunnan Province20 km4.90
08/28/2009Qinghai Province6 km6.20
08/08/2009Chongqing Province (Rongchang)17 km3.42
07/24/2009Tibet (Xizang Province) (Gyungcan)56 km5.80
07/09/2009Yunnan Province (Yaoan County)16 km5.70
02/20/2009Xinjiang Province29 km5.50
12/25/2008Yunnan Province (Simao)51 km4.80
12/09/2008Sichuan Province11 km4.52
11/10/2008Qinghai Province2 km6.30
10/06/2008Tibet (Xizang Province)45 km6.39
08/30/2008Sichuan Province54 km5.943
08/25/2008Tibet (Xizang Province)58 km6.70
08/21/2008Yunnan Province29 km6.05
08/19/2008Yunnan Province17 km5.00
08/05/2008Sichuan Province17 km6.04
08/01/2008Sichuan Province43 km5.70
07/24/2008Sichuan Province30 km5.61
05/27/2008Sichuan Province51 km5.70
05/25/2008Sichuan Province48 km6.08
05/12/2008Sichuan Province1 km7.987652
03/20/2008Xinjiang Province57 km7.20
07/20/2007Xinjiang (Tekes)52 km5.60
06/02/2007Yunnan Province (Ning'er)57 km6.13
01/10/2007Gansu Province58 km4.70
01/09/2007Gansu Province48 km4.50
11/23/2006Xinjiang Province (North)44 km4.70
11/03/2006Nei Mongol39 km4.70
10/27/2006Hubei5 km4.50
08/25/2006Sichuan Province44 km4.61
07/22/2006Yanjin29 km4.922
06/20/2006Gansu Province57 km4.50
04/19/2006Tibet (Xizang Province)42 km5.70
03/31/2006Jilin Province (Jilin, Songyuan)17 km4.90
11/26/2005Jiangxi (Jiujiang, Ruichang)37 km5.216
10/27/2005Guangxi Province57 km4.21
08/13/2005Yunnan Province (Wenshan)44 km4.50
08/05/2005Yunnan Province (Huize)48 km4.80
07/25/2005Daqing41 km4.71
02/14/2005Xinjiang Province (Wushi)8 km6.10
01/25/2005Yunnan Province (Simao)38 km4.80
10/18/2004Yunnan Province (Baoshan)44 km4.40
09/07/2004Gansu Province49 km5.20
08/10/2004Yunnan Province (Ludian)14 km5.44
05/04/2004Qinghai Province (Delingha)58 km5.40
03/24/2004Nei Mongol (Bayan Ul Hot, Uliastai)49 km5.40
12/01/2003Xinjiang (Zhaosu)31 km6.011
11/26/2003Yunnan Province (Ludian)57 km4.70
11/14/2003Yunnan Province (Ludian, Zhaotong)46 km5.64
11/13/2003Gansu Province (Jone, Lintan, Minxian)10 km5.11
10/25/2003Gansu Province (Minle, Shandan)35 km5.89
10/16/2003Yunnan Province (Dayao)9 km5.63
08/18/2003Tibet (Xizang Province) (Bomi, medog, nyingchi)3 km5.50
08/16/2003Nei Mongol (Lindong, Tianshan)42 km5.44
07/21/2003Yunnan Province31 km5.916
05/04/2003S. Xinjiang (Yopurga)35 km5.81
04/17/2003Qinghai Province (Delingha)38 km6.40
02/25/2003S. Xinjiang (Bachu)41 km5.45
02/24/2003S. Xinjiang (Bachu)41 km6.3261
02/13/2003N. Xinjiang (Urumqi)20 km5.30
12/25/2002Xinjiang (Wuqia)3 km5.70
12/14/2002Gansu Province (Yumne)29 km5.52
08/08/2002Sichuan Province (Rulong)5 km5.30
11/14/2001Qinghai Province (Xidatan)10 km7.80
10/27/2001Yunnan Province (Yongsheng)39 km5.61
07/14/2001Yunnan Province (Jiangchuan)8 km4.30
05/23/2001Yunnan (Ninglang; Sichuan: Yanyuan)43 km5.52
02/23/2001Sichuan Province (Kangding, Yajiang)23 km5.63
08/21/2000Yunnan Province (Wuding)44 km4.21
06/07/2000Yunnan Province (Liuku; Myanmar)55 km6.30
01/14/2000Yunnan Province (Yaoan County)7 km5.95
01/11/2000Liaoning Province56 km5.10
11/29/1999Northeastern (Sanjianfang)40 km5.00
11/24/1999Yunnan Province (Chengjiang)21 km4.61
11/01/1999Shanxi (Northeastern)16 km5.30
03/11/1999Ne (Zhangbei County)9 km5.10
12/01/1998Yunnan Province Southeastern56 km4.50
11/19/1998Sichuan Province (Huaping, Lijiang, Ninglag)14 km5.65
08/27/1998Southern Xinjiang (Jiashi)36 km6.43
05/28/1998Southern Xinjiang44 km5.60
03/19/1998Southern Xinjiang (Artux, Kashgar)33 km5.60
01/10/1998Northeastern (Shangyi-Zhangbei, Hebei)41 km5.770
11/08/1997Tibet (Xizang Province)52 km7.50
04/11/1997S. Xinjiang, Bachu, Shule, Yingjisha42 km6.29
04/06/1997S. Xinjiang35 km6.00
04/05/1997S. Xinjiang, Jiashi County19 km5.90
03/01/1997S. Xinjiang, Jiashi County, Kashi14 km5.62
01/21/1997Southern Xinjiang (Jiashi County)30 km5.912
05/03/1996Nei Mongol (Baotou, Beijing, Hohhot)47 km6.023
03/19/1996S. Xinjiang (Artux, Jiashi, Bachu, Kashi)26 km6.324
02/03/1996Yunnan Province (Lijiang)20 km6.6322
10/23/1995Yunnan Province (Wuding)50 km6.281
07/21/1995Gansu, Yongdeng, Baiyin, Dingxi, Jingtai4 km5.614
07/11/1995Yunnan Province (Lancang, Menglian; Thailand)39 km6.811
12/31/1994Guangxi Province, Guandong Province20 km5.30
01/03/1994Qinghai Province (Gonghe)27 km5.70
11/30/1993Southern Xinjiang (Shufu)12 km5.60
03/20/1993Tibet (Xizang Province) (Ngamring)59 km6.22
01/26/1993Yunnan Province6 km5.60
01/05/1992S. China Sea 3.70
03/25/1991Ne, Datong41 km5.50
02/25/1991S Xinjiang (Kalpin)27 km6.10
10/20/1990Gansu Province (Tianzhu)27 km5.87
04/26/1990Qinghai Province (Ganghe-Xinghai)15 km6.9126
04/17/1990S Xinjiang (Wuqia County)33 km6.20
11/20/1989Sichuan Province (Jiangbei County)7 km4.74
10/18/1989Shanxi And Hebei Provinces; Datong22 km5.329
09/22/1989Sichuan Province (Xiaojin County)50 km6.11
05/07/1989Yunnan Province (Gengma, Lancang, Menglian)18 km5.61
04/15/1989Sichuan Province (Batang)8 km6.211
11/10/1988E, Qinzhou-Fangcheng, Nanning49 km4.60
11/06/1988Yunnan Province43 km6.40
11/06/1988Yunnan Province19 km7.3738
01/03/1988Lingwu25 km5.50
08/02/1987Ganzhou Province (Xunwu)35 km4.90
01/24/1987Xingjiang Weiwuer Zizhiqu Province, Wushi21 km5.90
01/05/1987S Xinjiang Province (Baicheng)46 km5.80
08/23/1985S Xinjiang (Wuqua-Shufu)56 km7.571
04/18/1985Yunnan Province52 km5.823
11/06/1983E, Heze-Dongming, Shandong Province45 km5.334
04/05/1983Xinjiang Weiwuer Zizhiqu Province (Wuqua)33 km5.60
02/13/1983Xinjiang Weiwuer Zizhiqu Province (Wuqua S)10 km6.20
06/15/1982Sichuan Province (Garze)28 km5.510
04/14/1982Gansu Province56 km4.60
01/23/1981Sichuan Province51 km6.8150
08/24/1979Nei Mongol (Wu-Yuan)30 km5.90
07/09/1979Jiangsu Province (Liyang)22 km5.442
07/28/1976Ne (Tangshan)35 km7.40
07/27/1976Ne (Tangshan)54 km7.5242769
05/29/1976Yunnan Province (Lungling-Lushi)18 km7.40
05/29/1976Yunnan Province (Lungling-Lushi)18 km7.30
02/04/1975Liaoning Province (Yingtao, Anshan)7 km7.4300
05/10/1974Yunnan And Sichuan Provinces, Chao-T'ung15 km7.120000
04/22/1974Jiangsu Province19 km5.50
07/14/1973Tibet (Xizang Province)21 km7.50
02/06/1973Sichuan Province10 km7.60
08/16/1971Sichuan Province (Mabian) 5.90
01/04/1970Yunnan Province; Vietnam (Hanoi)40 km7.810000
09/14/1969Xinjiang Province23 km5.50
07/25/1969Guangdong Province (Yangjiang County)43 km6.43000
07/18/1969Bohai Sea50 km7.40
02/11/1969Xinjiang Province (Wushi)54 km6.34
12/18/1967Shanxi Province45 km5.40
12/02/1967Hebei Province (Shulu)48 km5.70
08/30/1967Sichuan Province3 km6.80
03/27/1967Hebei Province (Hejian, Dacheng)20 km6.30
01/24/1967Sichuan Province12 km5.50
10/02/1966Jilin Province57 km5.20
09/28/1966Yunnan Province19 km6.40
09/19/1966Yunnan Province53 km5.40
04/20/1966Hebei Province15 km5.30
03/26/1966Hebei Province4 km6.20
03/22/1966Hebei Province27 km7.60
03/19/1966Hebei Province31 km5.60
03/07/1966Hebei Province17 km7.40
03/06/1966Hebei Province19 km5.20
02/13/1966Yunnan Province36 km6.20
02/05/1966Yunnan Province27 km6.50
01/31/1966Yunnan Province3 km5.10
11/13/1965Xinjiang Province55 km6.60
07/03/1965Yunnan Province12 km6.10
01/12/1965Shanxi Province9 km5.50
09/01/1964Shanxi Province30 km4.70
02/13/1964Yunnan Province53 km5.40
08/29/1963Xinjiang50 km6.51
06/21/1963Heilongjiang Province24 km5.80
04/23/1963Yunnan Province7 km6.00
04/19/1963Qinghai Province21 km7.00
12/17/1962Ningxia1 km5.50
08/19/1962Xinjiang38 km6.40
06/24/1962Yunnan Province18 km6.20
05/21/1962Qinghai Province52 km6.80
04/23/1962Yunnan Province1 km5.50
03/18/1962Guangdong Province53 km6.11
10/01/1961Gansu Province1 km5.70
06/27/1961Yunnan Province41 km6.00
06/11/1961Yunnan Province33 km5.80
04/13/1961Xinjiang39 km6.80
03/07/1961Hubei Province48 km4.90
11/09/1960Sichuan Province42 km6.80
04/13/1960Jilin Province49 km5.80
02/02/1960Gansu Province59 km5.30
11/15/1959Xingjiang16 km6.40
08/10/1959Shaanxi Province29 km5.40
07/02/1959Henan Province54 km5.00
09/25/1958Guangxi Province36 km5.80
02/07/1958Sichuan Province36 km6.20
06/10/1957Shanxi Province2 km5.00
12/31/1956Hebei Province22 km5.00
08/19/1956Shanxi Province33 km5.00
10/01/1955Sichuan Province55 km5.80
09/23/1955Yunnan Province23 km6.80
06/07/1955Yunnan Province54 km6.00
04/24/1955Xinjiang Province12 km6.50
04/15/1955Xinjiang Province58 km7.00
04/14/1955Sichuan Province2 km7.539
10/24/1954Sichuan Province6 km5.00
07/31/1954Nei Mongol 7.00
06/17/1954Anhui Province39 km5.30
02/11/1954Gansu Province15 km7.30
05/03/1953Yunnan Province6 km5.00
12/08/1952Yunnan Province32 km5.80
10/08/1952Shanxi Province1 km5.50
09/30/1952Sichuan Province2 km6.80
08/17/1952Tibet (Xizang Province)11 km0.054
06/19/1952Yunnan Province59 km6.50
12/21/1951Yunnan Province29 km6.30
11/18/1951Tibet (Xizang Province)50 km7.50
09/13/1950Yunnan Province7 km5.80
02/02/1950Yunnan Province39 km7.00

These statistics are based on datas from the National Geophysical Data Center / World Data Service (NGDC/WDS): Significant Earthquake Database. doi:10.7289/V5TD9V7K. Several data have been summarized and translated.