Earthquakes in Tangshan 1976, China

Earthquakes in China

In China, there are partly large earthquakes with strengths of more than 7.0, which cause damages within a radius of over 100 kilometers. Measured by the size of the country, earthquakes occur rather rarely.

Since 1950, more than 369,500 people died by the direct consequences of earthquakes. There were 6 earthquakes that also caused a subsequent tsunami, which claimed further lives, and cause additional damage.

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Most recent events

This list includes the strongest earthquakes recorded in or around China by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) in the past 14 days. Whether an event is listed here depends largely on its magnitude, but also on its distance from inhabited areas. All data refer to the local time. This page is updated daily at 11 am UTC.

Recent earthquakes in China
  • Feb. 2, 10:08 am
    Magnitude 4.3: 122 km west of Aykol at a depth of ten km.
  • Jan. 31, 1:07 am
    Magnitude 5.3: 148 km south of Hotan at a depth of ten km.
  • Jan. 30, 7:49 am
    Magnitude 5.7: 110 km east-southeast of Aral at a depth of 27.53 km.
  • Jan. 28, 3:06 am
    Magnitude 4.4: 103 km west of Kashgar at a depth of 43.92 km.
  • Jan. 26, 7:21 am
    Magnitude 4.9: 29 km south-southeast of Kangding at a depth of ten km.
  • Jan. 26, 5:19 am
    Magnitude 4.4: Western Sichuan at a depth of ten km.
  • Jan. 26, 3:49 am
    Magnitude 5.5: 27 km south-southeast of Kangding at a depth of ten km.
  • Jan. 26, 12:02 am
    Magnitude 5.3: 146 km south of Hotan at a depth of ten km.
  • Jan. 24, 4:58 pm
    Magnitude 5.6: Nepal at a depth of 25.23 km.
  • Jan. 23, 6:08 am
    Magnitude 4.1: 129 km west-southwest of Zhangye at a depth of 11.67 km.

Earthquakes in China since 1950

Earthquakes in Tangshan 1976, ChinaThe strongest earthquake in China happened on 05/12/2008 in the Sichuan Province region with a magnitude of 7.9 on the Richter scale. The shifting of tectonic plates in a depth of 1 km resulted in 87652 deaths. The earthquake also triggered a tsunami, leading to further victims and destruction.
DateRegionDepthMagnitudeDeathsTotal damage
09/05/2022Sichuan Province10 km6.693
06/09/2022Sichuan Province16 km5.90
06/01/2022Sichuan Province10 km5.94
01/07/2022Qinghai, Gansu13 km6.60
01/02/2022Yunnan Province35 km5.40
09/15/2021Sichuan Province (Luxian (Lu))10 km5.43
05/21/2021Yunnan Province (Yangbi, Yongping)9 km6.13
05/21/2021Qinghai Province10 km7.320
03/23/2021Xingjiang (Aksu)10 km5.43
05/18/2020Yunnan Province (Qiaojia)10 km5.24
04/01/2020Qinghai Province10 km5.30
01/19/2020Xinjiang Province6 km6.01
12/18/2019Sichuan Province (Neijiang)10 km5.20
11/25/2019Guangxi Province10 km5.01
09/07/2019Sichuan Province (Neijiang)10 km5.11
06/17/2019Sichuan (Yibin)10 km5.813
05/17/2019Jilin Province (Songyuan)17 km4.80
02/25/2019Sichuan Province (Rongxian)10 km4.92
01/03/2019Sichuan (Yibin)10 km4.80
12/16/2018Sichuan (Yibin)18 km5.30
09/08/2018Yunnan Province (Mojiang Hani)8 km5.70
08/12/2018Yunnan Province (Yuxi)10 km5.00
05/27/2018Jilin Province (Ningjiang)10 km5.30
11/23/2017Chongqing (Wulong)7 km5.10
11/17/2017Tibet (Xizang Province) (Nyingchi)45 km6.40
08/08/2017Sichuan Province (Aba)54 km6.525
08/08/2017Xingjiang (Bortala)8 km6.30
05/10/2017Xinjiang (Quzgun, Taxkorgan Tajik)7 km5.48
03/26/2017Yunnan Province6 km5.00
12/08/2016N. Xinjiang (Urumqi)6 km6.01
11/25/2016Xinjiang Province (Kashgar)11 km6.61
07/31/2016Guangxi Province17 km4.90
05/11/2016Tibet (Xizang Province)22 km5.20
07/03/2015S. Xinjiang (Hotan)1 km6.43
03/14/2015Anhui Province (Fuyang)38 km4.62
03/01/2015Yunnan Province (Cangyuan, Gengma)5 km5.50
02/22/2015Xinjiang Province (Shawan)14 km5.10
02/20/2015Yunnan Province28 km4.50
01/14/2015Sichuan Province (Leshan)23 km5.30
12/06/2014Yunnan Province (Yongping)52 km5.61
11/22/2014Sichuan Province (Garze)58 km5.95
10/07/2014Yunnan Province (Yongping)12 km6.11
08/16/2014Yunnan Province (Yongshan)4 km5.00
08/03/2014Yunnan (Ludian: Longtoushan, Zhaotong)57 km6.2615
05/30/2014Yunnan Province (Yingjiang)17 km5.90
04/04/2014Yunnan Province (Xiluodu)44 km5.40
02/12/2014Xinjiang Province (Yutian)6 km6.90
11/22/2013Jilin Province (Songyuan)4 km5.30
08/31/2013Yunnan Province (Benzilan)15 km5.85
08/27/2013Yunnan Province (Shangri-La)36 km5.20
08/11/2013Tibet (Xizang Province) (Qamdo)31 km5.70
07/21/2013Gansu (Dingxi, Min)56 km6.094
04/20/2013Sichuan Province (Longmen)47 km6.6196
03/11/2013Xinjian Province37 km5.10
03/03/2013Yunnan Province16 km5.40
02/19/2013Yunnan Province (Qiaojia)1 km4.90
11/26/2012Xinjiang Province (Ruoqiang)48 km5.10
09/07/2012Yunnan Province (Zhaotong: Yiliang)42 km5.681
07/20/2012Jiangsu Province52 km4.91
06/29/2012Xinjiang Province33 km6.30
06/24/2012Yunnan And Sichuan Provinces34 km5.54
12/01/2011Xinjiang Province (Southern, Kashi)17 km5.30
11/01/2011Xinjiang Province28 km5.60
08/11/2011Xinjiang Province (Southern, Kashi)29 km5.70
08/09/2011Yunnan Province (Baoshan)22 km5.00
06/26/2011Qinghai Province16 km5.30
06/20/2011Yunnan Province (Baoshan)55 km5.30
06/08/2011Xinjiang Province (Dabancheng)26 km5.30
04/10/2011Sichuan Province (Luhuo)47 km5.10
03/10/2011Yunnan Province (Pingyuan)16 km5.525
02/01/2011Yunnan Province (Pingyuan)26 km4.80
08/29/2010Sichuan Province (Ningang, Ziaojia)31 km4.90
04/13/2010Qinghai Province (Yushu)38 km6.92220
02/25/2010Yunnan Province51 km4.80
01/30/2010Sichuan Province (Moxi)58 km4.71
01/17/2010Guizhou Province26 km4.47
11/01/2009Yunnan Province20 km4.90
08/28/2009Qinghai Province6 km6.20
08/08/2009Chongqing Province (Rongchang)17 km3.42
07/24/2009Tibet (Xizang Province) (Gyungcan)56 km5.80
07/09/2009Yunnan Province (Yaoan County)16 km5.70
02/20/2009Xinjiang Province29 km5.50
12/25/2008Yunnan Province (Simao)51 km4.80
12/09/2008Sichuan Province11 km4.52
11/10/2008Qinghai Province2 km6.30
10/06/2008Tibet (Xizang Province)45 km6.39
08/30/2008Sichuan Province54 km5.943
08/25/2008Tibet (Xizang Province)58 km6.70
08/21/2008Yunnan Province29 km6.05
08/19/2008Yunnan Province17 km5.00
08/05/2008Sichuan Province17 km6.04
08/01/2008Sichuan Province43 km5.70
07/24/2008Sichuan Province30 km5.61
05/27/2008Sichuan Province51 km5.70
05/25/2008Sichuan Province48 km6.08
05/12/2008Sichuan Province1 km7.987652
03/20/2008Xinjiang Province57 km7.20
07/20/2007Xinjiang (Tekes)52 km5.60
06/02/2007Yunnan Province (Ning'er)57 km6.13
01/10/2007Gansu Province58 km4.70
01/09/2007Gansu Province48 km4.50
11/23/2006Xinjiang Province (North)44 km4.70
11/03/2006Nei Mongol39 km4.70
10/27/2006Hubei5 km4.50
08/25/2006Sichuan Province44 km4.61
07/22/2006Yanjin29 km4.922
06/20/2006Gansu Province57 km4.50
04/19/2006Tibet (Xizang Province)42 km5.70
03/31/2006Jilin Province (Jilin, Songyuan)17 km4.90
11/26/2005Jiangxi (Jiujiang, Ruichang)37 km5.216
10/27/2005Guangxi Province57 km4.21
08/13/2005Yunnan Province (Wenshan)44 km4.50
08/05/2005Yunnan Province (Huize)48 km4.80
07/25/2005Daqing41 km4.71
02/14/2005Xinjiang Province (Wushi)8 km6.10
01/25/2005Yunnan Province (Simao)38 km4.80
10/18/2004Yunnan Province (Baoshan)44 km4.40
09/07/2004Gansu Province49 km5.20
08/10/2004Yunnan Province (Ludian)14 km5.44
05/04/2004Qinghai Province (Delingha)58 km5.40
03/24/2004Nei Mongol (Bayan Ul Hot, Uliastai)49 km5.40
12/01/2003Xinjiang (Zhaosu)31 km6.011
11/26/2003Yunnan Province (Ludian)57 km4.70
11/14/2003Yunnan Province (Ludian, Zhaotong)46 km5.64
11/13/2003Gansu Province (Jone, Lintan, Minxian)10 km5.11
10/25/2003Gansu Province (Minle, Shandan)35 km5.89
10/16/2003Yunnan Province (Dayao)9 km5.63
08/18/2003Tibet (Xizang Province) (Bomi, medog, nyingchi)3 km5.50
08/16/2003Nei Mongol (Lindong, Tianshan)42 km5.44
07/21/2003Yunnan Province31 km5.916
05/04/2003S. Xinjiang (Yopurga)35 km5.81
04/17/2003Qinghai Province (Delingha)38 km6.40
02/25/2003S. Xinjiang (Bachu)41 km5.45
02/24/2003S. Xinjiang (Bachu)41 km6.3261
02/13/2003N. Xinjiang (Urumqi)20 km5.30
12/25/2002Xinjiang (Wuqia)3 km5.70
12/14/2002Gansu Province (Yumne)29 km5.52
08/08/2002Sichuan Province (Rulong)5 km5.30
11/14/2001Qinghai Province (Xidatan)10 km7.80
10/27/2001Yunnan Province (Yongsheng)39 km5.61
07/14/2001Yunnan Province (Jiangchuan)8 km4.30
05/23/2001Yunnan (Ninglang; Sichuan: Yanyuan)43 km5.52
02/23/2001Sichuan Province (Kangding, Yajiang)23 km5.63
08/21/2000Yunnan Province (Wuding)44 km4.21
06/07/2000Yunnan Province (Liuku; Myanmar)55 km6.30
01/14/2000Yunnan Province (Yaoan County)7 km5.95
01/11/2000Liaoning Province56 km5.10
11/29/1999Northeastern (Sanjianfang)40 km5.00
11/24/1999Yunnan Province (Chengjiang)21 km4.61
11/01/1999Shanxi (Northeastern)16 km5.30
03/11/1999Ne (Zhangbei County)9 km5.10
12/01/1998Yunnan Province Southeastern56 km4.50
11/19/1998Sichuan Province (Huaping, Lijiang, Ninglag)14 km5.65
08/27/1998Southern Xinjiang (Jiashi)36 km6.43
05/28/1998Southern Xinjiang44 km5.60
03/19/1998Southern Xinjiang (Artux, Kashgar)33 km5.60
01/10/1998Northeastern (Shangyi-Zhangbei, Hebei)41 km5.770
11/08/1997Tibet (Xizang Province)52 km7.50
04/11/1997S. Xinjiang, Bachu, Shule, Yingjisha42 km6.29
04/06/1997S. Xinjiang35 km6.00
04/05/1997S. Xinjiang, Jiashi County19 km5.90
03/01/1997S. Xinjiang, Jiashi County, Kashi14 km5.62
01/21/1997Southern Xinjiang (Jiashi County)30 km5.912
05/03/1996Nei Mongol (Baotou, Beijing, Hohhot)47 km6.023
03/19/1996S. Xinjiang (Artux, Jiashi, Bachu, Kashi)26 km6.324
02/03/1996Yunnan Province (Lijiang)20 km6.6322
10/23/1995Yunnan Province (Wuding)50 km6.281
07/21/1995Gansu, Yongdeng, Baiyin, Dingxi, Jingtai4 km5.614
07/11/1995Yunnan Province (Lancang, Menglian; Thailand)39 km6.811
12/31/1994Guangxi Province, Guandong Province20 km5.30
01/03/1994Qinghai Province (Gonghe)27 km5.70
11/30/1993Southern Xinjiang (Shufu)12 km5.60
03/20/1993Tibet (Xizang Province) (Ngamring)59 km6.22
01/26/1993Yunnan Province6 km5.60
01/05/1992S. China Sea 3.70
03/25/1991Ne, Datong41 km5.50
02/25/1991South Xinjiang (Kalpin)27 km6.10
10/20/1990Gansu Province (Tianzhu)27 km5.87
04/26/1990Qinghai Province (Ganghe-Xinghai)15 km6.9126
04/17/1990South Xinjiang (Wuqia County)33 km6.20
11/20/1989Sichuan Province (Jiangbei County)7 km4.74
10/18/1989Shanxi And Hebei Provinces; Datong22 km5.329
09/22/1989Sichuan Province (Xiaojin County)50 km6.11
05/07/1989Yunnan Province (Gengma, Lancang, Menglian)18 km5.61
04/15/1989Sichuan Province (Batang)8 km6.211
11/10/1988E, Qinzhou-Fangcheng, Nanning49 km4.60
11/06/1988Yunnan Province43 km6.40
11/06/1988Yunnan Province19 km7.3738
01/03/1988Lingwu25 km5.50
08/02/1987Ganzhou Province (Xunwu)35 km4.90
01/24/1987Xingjiang Weiwuer Zizhiqu Province, Wushi21 km5.90
01/05/1987South Xinjiang Province (Baicheng)46 km5.80
08/23/1985South Xinjiang (Wuqua-Shufu)56 km7.571
04/18/1985Yunnan Province52 km5.823
11/06/1983E, Heze-Dongming, Shandong Province45 km5.334
04/05/1983Xinjiang Weiwuer Zizhiqu Province (Wuqua)33 km5.60
02/13/1983Xinjiang Weiwuer Zizhiqu Province (Wuqua S)10 km6.20
06/15/1982Sichuan Province (Garze)28 km5.510
04/14/1982Gansu Province56 km4.60
01/23/1981Sichuan Province51 km6.8150
08/24/1979Nei Mongol (Wu-Yuan)30 km5.90
07/09/1979Jiangsu Province (Liyang)22 km5.442
07/28/1976Ne (Tangshan)35 km7.40
07/27/1976Ne (Tangshan)54 km7.5242769
05/29/1976Yunnan Province (Lungling-Lushi)18 km7.40
05/29/1976Yunnan Province (Lungling-Lushi)18 km7.30
02/04/1975Liaoning Province (Yingtao, Anshan)7 km7.4300
05/10/1974Yunnan And Sichuan Provinces, Chao-T'ung15 km7.120000
04/22/1974Jiangsu Province19 km5.50
07/14/1973Tibet (Xizang Province)21 km7.50
02/06/1973Sichuan Province10 km7.60
08/16/1971Sichuan Province (Mabian) 5.90
01/04/1970Yunnan Province; Vietnam (Hanoi)40 km7.810000
09/14/1969Xinjiang Province23 km5.50
07/25/1969Guangdong Province (Yangjiang County)43 km6.43000
07/18/1969Bohai Sea50 km7.40
02/11/1969Xinjiang Province (Wushi)54 km6.34
12/18/1967Shanxi Province45 km5.40
12/02/1967Hebei Province (Shulu)48 km5.70
08/30/1967Sichuan Province3 km6.80
03/27/1967Hebei Province (Hejian, Dacheng)20 km6.30
01/24/1967Sichuan Province12 km5.50
10/02/1966Jilin Province57 km5.20
09/28/1966Yunnan Province19 km6.40
09/19/1966Yunnan Province53 km5.40
04/20/1966Hebei Province15 km5.30
03/26/1966Hebei Province4 km6.20
03/22/1966Hebei Province27 km7.60
03/19/1966Hebei Province31 km5.60
03/07/1966Hebei Province17 km7.40
03/06/1966Hebei Province19 km5.20
02/13/1966Yunnan Province36 km6.20
02/05/1966Yunnan Province27 km6.50
01/31/1966Yunnan Province3 km5.10
11/13/1965Xinjiang Province55 km6.60
07/03/1965Yunnan Province12 km6.10
01/12/1965Shanxi Province9 km5.50
09/01/1964Shanxi Province30 km4.70
02/13/1964Yunnan Province53 km5.40
08/29/1963Xinjiang50 km6.51
06/21/1963Heilongjiang Province24 km5.80
04/23/1963Yunnan Province7 km6.00
04/19/1963Qinghai Province21 km7.00
12/17/1962Ningxia1 km5.50
08/19/1962Xinjiang38 km6.40
06/24/1962Yunnan Province18 km6.20
05/21/1962Qinghai Province52 km6.80
04/23/1962Yunnan Province1 km5.50
03/18/1962Guangdong Province53 km6.11
10/01/1961Gansu Province1 km5.70
06/27/1961Yunnan Province41 km6.00
06/11/1961Yunnan Province33 km5.80
04/13/1961Xinjiang39 km6.80
03/07/1961Hubei Province48 km4.90
11/09/1960Sichuan Province42 km6.80
04/13/1960Jilin Province49 km5.80
02/02/1960Gansu Province59 km5.30
11/15/1959Xingjiang16 km6.40
08/10/1959Shaanxi Province29 km5.40
07/02/1959Henan Province54 km5.00
09/25/1958Guangxi Province36 km5.80
02/07/1958Sichuan Province36 km6.20
06/10/1957Shanxi Province2 km5.00
12/31/1956Hebei Province22 km5.00
08/19/1956Shanxi Province33 km5.00
10/01/1955Sichuan Province55 km5.80
09/23/1955Yunnan Province23 km6.80
06/07/1955Yunnan Province54 km6.00
04/24/1955Xinjiang Province12 km6.50
04/15/1955Xinjiang Province58 km7.00
04/14/1955Sichuan Province2 km7.539
10/24/1954Sichuan Province6 km5.00
07/31/1954Nei Mongol 7.00
06/17/1954Anhui Province39 km5.30
02/11/1954Gansu Province15 km7.30
05/03/1953Yunnan Province6 km5.00
12/08/1952Yunnan Province32 km5.80
10/08/1952Shanxi Province1 km5.50
09/30/1952Sichuan Province2 km6.80
08/17/1952Tibet (Xizang Province)11 km0.054
06/19/1952Yunnan Province59 km6.50
12/21/1951Yunnan Province29 km6.30
11/18/1951Tibet (Xizang Province)50 km7.50
09/13/1950Yunnan Province7 km5.80
02/02/1950Yunnan Province39 km7.00

These statistics are based on datas from the National Geophysical Data Center / World Data Service (NGDC/WDS): Significant Earthquake Database. doi:10.7289/V5TD9V7K. Data have been summarized and translated.
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