household debts in Peru

Gross debt in Peru

The government gross debt refers to the total of all sums of money that have to be paid to other countries, communities or institutions. Not included in the gross debt are the demands of a country to foreign ones.

The gross debt in Peru in the period from 2002 to 2020 was between 23.8 billion and 61.9 billion USD. The highest level of the last years at 62 billion US Dollar was reached in 2020.

Based on the number of inhabitants, this is a debt of 1,859 USD per person. For comparison, the average debt per person in the same year in the European Union was 30,783 USD.

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Gross debt of the last 18 years in billion USD

YearPeru totalPeru per capitaEU per capita
200223.77 bn USD877 USD12,258 USD
200325.59 bn USD935 USD15,286 USD
200426.60 bn USD963 USD17,595 USD
200528.32 bn USD1,016 USD18,327 USD
200626.52 bn USD944 USD18,877 USD
200726.34 bn USD930 USD20,898 USD
200827.83 bn USD974 USD24,086 USD
200927.51 bn USD956 USD25,361 USD
201030.52 bn USD1,051 USD26,496 USD
201131.60 bn USD1,080 USD29,231 USD
201232.51 bn USD1,102 USD28,174 USD
201332.47 bn USD1,091 USD29,981 USD
201434.25 bn USD1,138 USD30,648 USD
201538.31 bn USD1,247 USD25,918 USD
201640.67 bn USD1,306 USD26,261 USD
201745.11 bn USD1,427 USD27,024 USD
201849.06 bn USD1,523 USD28,448 USD
201952.95 bn USD1,613 USD27,168 USD
202061.90 bn USD1,859 USD30,783 USD

Comparison of gross debt per capita with the European Union in U.S. dollars

      Peru       European Union

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