Climate in Piura

Average daytime and nighttime temperatures

All climate diagrams on this page result from the collected data of the official weather station in Piura in a height of 55m above sea level. All data correspond to the average monthly values of the last 20 years.

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Piura is one of the warmest region in Peru with an average daily high temperature of 31 degrees centigrade. It is yearlong warm or hot.
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Rainy days per monthRainy days per month in Piura
A rainy day is a day on which at least an amount of 0.1 mm precipitation (=0.1 liter) per square meter falls. This can be rain, snow, hail or even dew. So it does not have to rain the whole day. With 5 rainy days, March offers the most number of rainy days, and in September the least.
Precipitation in mm/dayPrecipitation in Piura
The amount of precipitation is measured in millimeters per square meter. Thus, at 2 mm/day, 2 liters of water fall on one square meter within 24 hours. With only 0 mm, the least rain falls in September. March, on the other hand, has the most rain.
Map of Piura

Most important cities in the country part »Piura«

Alone 2 cities with over 100,000 inhabitants are located here. The country part has a west-east extension of about 200 km and over 160 km from north to south.

Piura325,4665° 11' 40"S80° 37' 58"W
Sullana160,7894° 54' 14"S80° 41' 7"W
Talara99,0744° 34' 38"S81° 16' 19"W
Chulucanas68,8355° 5' 33"S80° 9' 45"W
Catacaos57,3045° 16' 0"S80° 40' 60"W
Paita56,1515° 5' 21"S81° 6' 52"W
La Unión34,8345° 24' 8"S80° 44' 32"W
Tambo Grande30,0334° 55' 37"S80° 20' 41"W
Marcavelica25,6454° 52' 40"S80° 42' 19"W
Querecotillo25,3964° 50' 16"S80° 38' 44"W
Sechura23,0205° 33' 25"S80° 49' 20"W
La Breita17,6934° 15' 38"S80° 53' 17"W
Salinera Colán14,2105° 1' 60"S81° 4' 0"W
Vice12,9155° 25' 0"S80° 46' 60"W
Morropón12,3075° 11' 12"S79° 58' 15"W
Las Lomas9,4504° 39' 12"S80° 14' 48"W
El Alto9,3034° 16' 7"S81° 13' 2"W
Máncora9,1014° 6' 28"S81° 2' 51"W
Huancabamba8,5535° 14' 19"S79° 27' 2"W
La Huaca8,4684° 54' 42"S80° 57' 36"W
Buenos Aires7,9325° 15' 39"S79° 57' 51"W
Bernal5,9165° 27' 0"S80° 45' 0"W
Salitral5,3854° 51' 26"S80° 40' 52"W
Ayabaca5,2704° 38' 23"S79° 42' 54"W

Data basis: German Weather Service, individual values averaged and supplemented by own elements. Data on cities and inhabitants:, United Nations Statistics Division and own research.
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