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The 17 largest airports and airlines in Panama

Further information is provided on the 17 biggest airports in Panama. At Tocumen International Airport alone, 18 airlines operate and serve flights to and from 72 destinations.
The only airline of Panama is Copa Airlines and approaches 69 destinations.
Transport + infrastructure in Panama
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The 17 biggest airports in Panama

PTYTocumen International AirportTocumen1872
BOCBocas Del Toro International AirportIsla Colón22
CHXCap Manuel Niño International AirportChanguinola11
DAVEnrique Malek International AirportDavid12
PACMarcos A. Gelabert International AirportAlbrook110
CTDAlonso Valderrama AirportChitré00
ONXEnrique Adolfo Jimenez AirportColón00
MPPMulatupo AirportMulatupo11
PYCPlayón Chico AirportPlayón Chico11
BFQBahia Piña AirportBahia Piña11
OTDContadora AirportContadora Island11
SAXSambu AirportBoca de Sábalo11
JQEJaqué AirportJaqué11
OGMOgubsucum AirportUstupo11
ELEEL Real AirportEl Real de Santa María00
RIHScarlett Martinez International AirportRío Hato00
CZJCorazón de Jesús AirportCorazón de Jesús and Narganá Islands00

Freight volume

In 2020, a total of 73.43 million ton-kilometers (= total mass transported in tons multiplied by kilometers traveled) of cargo was moved by air in Panama.

The biggest airlines based in Panama

CMCopa Airlines69

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