Airports and airlines in the Netherlands Antilles

For the 3 biggest airports in the Netherlands Antilles we provided further information. Alone at Flamingo International Airport operate 7 airlines to and from 6 destinations.

The biggest national airlines is Insel Air (7I/INC) (Priv) out of a total of 4. It is leading the list with 18 flight destinations. › The largest airports worldwide

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The biggest airports in the Netherlands Antilles

BONFlamingo International AirportKralendijk76
EUXF. D. Roosevelt AirportSint Eustatius11
SABJuancho E. Yrausquin AirportSaba11

The biggest airlines based in the Netherlands Antilles

7IInsel Air (7I/INC) (Priv)18
WMWinair (Windward Islands Airways)12
DNLDutch Antilles (Dutch Antilles Express)1
TYRTyrolean (Tyrolean Airways)1