Climate for Oaxaca

Average daytime and nighttime temperatures

All climatic diagrams on this site result from the collected data from 3 measuring stations in Oaxaca.
All data correspond to the average monthly values of the last 20 years.

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Oaxaca is one of the warmest region in Mexico with an average daily high temperature of 32 degrees centigrade. It is yearlong warm or hot.

hours of sunshine per day
Sunshine hours per day in Mexico
rainy days per month
Rainy days per month in Mexico
Precipitation in mm/day
Precipitation in Mexico

The most important cities in the region of Oaxaca

Oaxaca is a part of of Mexico and has an east-west extension of about 410 km. From north to south it is approximately 320 km. The biggest cities are Oaxaca de Juárez and Tuxtepec. The local time is now Monday, 8:16 pm.

Oaxaca de Juárez262,56617°3'56"N96°43'25"W
Salina Cruz73,64816°11'3"N95°12'5"W
Juchitán de Zaragoza67,63716°26'10"N95°1'11"W
Santa Cruz Xoxocotlán61,84617°1'46"N96°44'7"W
Ciudad de Huajuapan de León47,84417°48'28"N97°46'46"W
Santo Domingo Tehuantepec37,38916°19'29"N95°14'28"W
Santiago Pinotepa Nacional25,66916°20'18"N98°3'19"W
San Jerónimo Ixtepec23,15016°34'43"N95°6'8"W
Matías Romero21,06416°52'44"N95°2'22"W
San Antonio de la Cal20,19817°1'42"N96°42'2"W
Puerto Escondido19,48815°52'13"N97°4'38"W
Miahuatlán de Porfirio Díaz17,63216°19'58"N96°35'44"W
Heroica Ciudad de Tlaxiaco17,54317°16'10"N97°40'45"W
San Gabriel Casa Blanca14,94018°9'6"N97°8'16"W
Heroica Ciudad de Tlaxiaco14,60817°16'9"N97°40'50"W
Villa de Zaachila13,95916°57'4"N96°44'58"W
Vicente Guerrero13,79416°55'59"N96°42'5"W
San Pedro Pochutla13,07815°44'45"N96°27'58"W
Unión Hidalgo12,73616°28'20"N94°49'46"W
Trinidad Zaachila12,24016°55'17"N96°45'50"W
Tlacolula de Matamoros11,68916°57'17"N96°28'33"W
Cuilapan de Guerrero10,78216°58'39"N96°46'51"W
Santa Cruz Amilpas10,12017°3'30"N96°40'60"W
Zimatlán de Álvarez10,01416°52'10"N96°47'4"W
Asunción Nochixtlán10,01217°27'33"N97°13'34"W
Santiago Jamiltepec9,92816°17'1"N97°49'26"W
Brisas de Zicatela9,77115°50'13"N97°2'31"W