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The 5 largest airports and airlines in French Guiana

Further information is provided on the 5 biggest airports in French Guiana. At Cayenne-Rochambeau Airport alone, 5 airlines operate and serve flights to and from 4 destinations.

The only airline of French Guiana is Air Guyane Express and approaches 8 destinations. › The largest airports worldwide

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The biggest airports in French Guiana

CAYCayenne-Rochambeau AirportCayenne / Rochambeau54
GSIGrand-Santi AirportGrand-Santin/an/a
MPYMaripasoula AirportMaripasoulan/an/a
LDXSaint-Laurent-du-Maroni AirportSaint-Laurent-du-Maronin/an/a
XAUSaúl AirportSaúln/an/a

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