Tsunamis in the Dominican Republic

In a total of 8 tidal waves classified as a tsunami since 1751 a total of 22 people died in the Dominican Republic. Compared to other countries, Tsunamis therefore occur rather rarely.

The strongest tidal wave registered in the Dominican Republic so far reached a height of 55 meters. At this Tsunami on 06/13/2013 a total of 3 people have been killed.

The biggest impact in terms of lifes, injuries, destroyed homes and economy had been a tsunami on 08/04/1946.

Other natural hazards in the Dominican Republic:

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The marked positions on the map represent the most effected regions within the past 270 years.

Tsunamis are caused by earthquakes or other seismic eruptions on ground of an oceans and can cause massive tidal waves, which run with enormous force on land, causing great devastation. Especially in regions with only few tsunamis, the damage is often drastic, as the population does not expect tsunamis and thus hardly takes any protective measures. Even relatively small flood waves can lead to high losses and financial damage.

The largest tsunamis in the Dominican Republic since 1751

DateCausemax wave heightDeathsTotal damage
06/13/2013Meteorological event in the United States (Northwest Atlantic Ocean) The tsunami also reached United States, , Bermuda, Puerto Rico.55m3
01/12/2010Earthquake, landslide in Haiti (Haiti & Dominican Republic) with a magnitude of 7.0. The tsunami also reached Haiti, , Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands.40m7
08/08/1946Earthquake in the Dominican Republic (Northeastern Coast) with a magnitude of 7.5. The tsunami also reached Puerto Rico, Cuba, Bermuda, United States. A total of 75 humans died.unknown2
08/04/1946Earthquake in the Dominican Republic (Northeastern Coast) with a magnitude of 7.9. The tsunami also reached Bermuda, United States, Puerto Rico. A total of 1,790 humans died.unknown4
10/11/1918Earthquake, landslide in Puerto Rico (Puerto Rico: Mona Passage) with a magnitude of 7.3. The tsunami also reached Puerto Rico, , Virgin Islands, United States, British Virgin Islands. A total of 140 humans died.unknown1
05/07/1842Earthquake in Haiti (Cap-Haitian) with a magnitude of 8.1. The tsunami also reached Haiti, Virgin Islands. A total of 300 humans died.unknown1
11/01/1755Earthquake in Portugal (Lisbon) with a magnitude of 8.5. The tsunami caused damages in 21 further countries. A total of 50,000 humans died.unknown1
10/18/1751Earthquake in the Dominican Republic (Azua De Compostela) with a magnitude of 7.3.unknown3

These statistics are based on datas from the National Geophysical Data Center / World Data Service (NGDC/WDS): Global Historical Tsunami Database. doi:10.7289/V5TD9V7K. Several data have been summarized and translated.