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The 30 largest airports and airlines in Colombia

For the 30 biggest airports in Colombia we provided further information. Alone at El Dorado International Airport operate 22 airlines to and from 74 destinations.

The biggest national airlines is Satena out of a total of 5. It is leading the list with 33 flight destinations.

Transport + infrastructure in Colombia
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The 30 biggest airports in Colombia

BOGEl Dorado International AirportBogotá2274
CLOAlfonso Bonilla Aragon International AirportCali1118
MDEJose Maria Córdova International AirportMedellín918
CTGRafael Nuñez International AirportCartagena78
BAQErnesto Cortissoz International AirportBarranquilla56
LETAlfredo Vásquez Cobo International AirportLeticia44
ADZGustavo Rojas Pinilla International AirportSan Andrés48
CUCCamilo Daza International AirportCúcuta33
APOAntonio Roldan Betancourt AirportCarepa32
EOHEnrique Olaya Herrera AirportMedellín38
PEIMatecaña International AirportPereira34
SMRSimón Bolívar International AirportSanta Marta32
UIBEl Caraño AirportQuibdó33
VVCVanguardia AirportVillavicencio35
BGAPalonegro AirportBucaramanga33
BUNGerardo Tobar López AirportBuenaventura21
CZULas Brujas AirportCorozal21
FLAGustavo Artunduaga Paredes AirportFlorencia21
GPIJuan Casiano AirportGuapi21
IBEPerales AirportIbagué22
MTRLos Garzones AirportMontería22
MVPFabio Alberto Leon Bentley AirportMitú22
NVABenito Salas AirportNeiva21
PCRGerman Olano AirportPuerto Carreño22
PDAObando AirportPuerto Inírida22
PSOAntonio Narino AirportPasto22
SJEJorge E. Gonzalez Torres AirportSan José Del Guaviare21
AUCSantiago Perez AirportArauca21
VUPAlfonso López Pumarejo AirportValledupar21
EYPEl Yopal AirportEl Yopal21

Freight volume

In 2020, a total of 1.50 billion ton-kilometers of cargo was moved by air in Colombia (= total mass transported in tons multiplied by kilometers traveled).

The biggest airlines based in Colombia

9RSatena (SATENA)33
3FFly Colombia ( Interliging Flights )5
AESAces (ACES Colombia)1
EFYEasyfly (EasyFly)1

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