Erdbeben in Illapel 2015, Chile

Earthquakes in Chile

In Chile earthquakes of the world's most extreme strength occur. In the case of earthquakes with a magnitude of more than 9.0, destruction and devastation can occur within a range of up to 1000 kilometers. Measured by the size of the country, earthquakes do not occur very frequently.

Since 1950 more than 3100 people died by direct consequences of earthquakes. 44 earthquakes also caused a subsequent tsunami, which claimed further lifes and damages.

Other natural hazards in Chile:

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Earthquakes in Chile since 1950

The strongest earthquake in Chile happened on 05/22/1960 in the region Puerto Montt, Valdivia with a magnitude of 9.5 on the Richter scale. The shifting of tectonic plates in a depth of 17 km resulted in 2000 deaths. The earthquake also triggered a tsunami with further victims and destructions.
DateRegionTiefeMagnitudeDeathsTotal damage
04/24/2017Valparaiso26 km6.90
12/25/2016Chile27 km7.60
11/11/2015La Serena37 km6.90
09/16/2015Central32 km8.37
10/09/2014Easter Island Region32 km7.10
04/03/2014Northern (Iquique)11 km7.70
04/01/2014Northern (Iquique, Alto Hospicio)26 km8.27
03/16/2014Iquique 6.70
05/14/2012Arica; Peru (Tacna)40 km6.30
04/17/2012Valparaiso15 km6.72
03/25/2012Parral, Santiago6 km7.21
02/11/2011Off Coast Central30 km6.80
03/11/2010Rancagua43 km6.90
02/27/2010Maule, Concepcion, Talcahuano11 km8.8402
12/15/2007Off Central Coast, Vina Del Mar, Valparaiso27 km5.90
11/14/2007Tocopilla, Maria Elena50 km7.72
04/21/2007Southern46 km6.22
08/14/2005Tarapaca40 km5.80
06/13/2005Tarapaca33 km7.711
06/15/2004Carahue, Imperial, Temuco31 km5.90
05/03/2004Canete50 km6.60
06/20/2003Ovalle, Coquimbo; Argentina (San Juan)41 km6.80
04/18/2002Copiapo, Taltal36 km6.60
04/01/2002Central (Coquimbo, La Serena, Ovalle)32 km6.40
01/14/2002Northern (Cuya, Huara, Iquique, Pozo Almonte)26 km5.60
10/15/1997Pueblo Nuevo, Coquimbo, La Chimba33 km7.18
09/05/1996Easter Island Region14 km6.90
11/01/1995Near Central Coast32 km6.70
07/30/1995Antofagasta, Calama, Mejillones23 km8.03
02/05/1988Taltal2 km6.70
08/08/1987Arica, Iquique56 km6.95
03/05/1987Antofagasta, Arica5 km7.31
12/19/1986Central, Valparaiso29 km5.00
04/09/1985Near Central Coast, Santiago-Valparaiso59 km7.52
03/17/1985Valparaiso, Vina Del Mar38 km6.61
03/03/1985Central Coast, San Antonio, Valparaiso9 km8.0180
10/04/1983Northern (Copoapo-Chanaral)13 km7.35
10/16/1981Off Central Coast, Las Cruces42 km7.51
08/03/1978Northern (Copiapo-Taltai)17 km7.00
11/30/1976Pozo Almonte, Oficina Victoria, Arica57 km7.31
05/10/1975Central38 km7.70
03/13/1975Coquimbo, La Serena42 km6.92
08/18/1974La Union, Valdivia12 km7.10
10/05/1973Valparaiso, La Ligua, Santiago51 km6.70
12/29/1972Central1 km5.40
06/08/1972Central41 km6.60
07/09/1971Central18 km7.883
06/17/1971Catalina, Antofagasta40 km6.31
11/28/1970Northern40 km6.00
06/19/1970Northern13 km6.40
06/14/1970Southern 6.00
12/21/1967Northern23 km7.51
11/15/1967Northern54 km5.90
12/28/1966Taltal, Catalina7 km7.83
10/03/1965Southern56 km6.50
03/28/1965Central 7.3400
03/22/1965Central28 km6.00
02/23/1965Northern46 km7.00
02/14/1962Central 7.30
10/18/1961Valdivia, Curico57 km6.50
11/01/1960Concepcion59 km7.40
05/22/1960Puerto Montt, Valdivia17 km9.52000
05/21/1960Central50 km8.20
09/04/1958Chile-Argentina16 km6.87
07/29/1957Antofagasta14 km7.00
01/08/1956Chile13 km7.10
04/19/1955Chile5 km7.10
12/07/1953Northern 7.43
05/06/1953Chillan, Concepcion43 km7.69
12/09/1950Chile-Argentina48 km8.01
01/30/1950Southern32 km7.00

These statistics are based on datas from the National Geophysical Data Center / World Data Service (NGDC/WDS): Significant Earthquake Database. . doi:10.7289/V5TD9V7K. Several data have been summarized and translated. Foto taken from National Geophysical Data Center (NGDC, public domain).