household debts in Chile

Gross debt in Chile

General government debt of Chile refers to the debts of the state, their states and municipalities, and also of public sector institutions such as social security funds.

The government debt in the period from 2000 to 2021 was between 6.8 billion and 115.1 billion USD. The highest level of the last years at 115 billion US Dollar was reached in 2021.

Based on the number of inhabitants, this is a debt of 5,903 USD per person. For comparison, the average debt per person in the same year in the European Union was 35,341 USD.

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Gross debt of the last 21 years in billion USD

YearChile total% of GDPper capitaEU per capita
200010.24 bn USD13.15%668 USD10,328 USD
200110.19 bn USD14.35%657 USD10,404 USD
200210.49 bn USD15.05%669 USD11,368 USD
20039.51 bn USD12.57%600 USD14,148 USD
200410.23 bn USD10.31%639 USD16,162 USD
20058.65 bn USD7.04%535 USD16,918 USD
20067.77 bn USD5.02%475 USD17,549 USD
20076.77 bn USD3.90%410 USD19,574 USD
20088.84 bn USD4.92%529 USD22,721 USD
200910.09 bn USD5.85%598 USD23,701 USD
201018.83 bn USD8.62%1,103 USD25,145 USD
201128.08 bn USD11.13%1,630 USD28,417 USD
201231.90 bn USD11.94%1,833 USD27,784 USD
201335.58 bn USD12.78%2,025 USD30,021 USD
201438.96 bn USD15.02%2,194 USD30,832 USD
201542.13 bn USD17.38%2,358 USD26,170 USD
201652.62 bn USD21.11%2,910 USD26,655 USD
201765.41 bn USD23.67%3,561 USD27,535 USD
201876.28 bn USD25.82%4,079 USD29,172 USD
201978.84 bn USD28.30%4,141 USD27,927 USD
202082.39 bn USD32.60%4,269 USD32,227 USD
2021115.07 bn USD36.29%5,903 USD35,341 USD

Comparison of gross debt per capita with the European Union in U.S. dollars

      Chile       European Union

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