Gross debt in Bolivia

The government gross debt refers to the total of all sums of money that have to be paid to other countries, communities or institutions. On the other hand not included in the gross debt are the demands of a country to foreign ones.

The gross debt in Bolivia in the period from 1998 to 2020 was between 4.9 billion and 21.1 billion USD. The highest level of the last years at 21 billion US Dollar was reached in 2020.

Based on the number of inhabitants, this is in Bolivia a debt of 1,809 USD per person. For comparison: The average debt per person in the same year in the European Union was 30,780 USD.

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Gross debt of the last 22 years in billion USD

YearBolivia totalBolivia per capitaEU per capita
19985.29 bn USD653 USD12,387 USD
19995.18 bn USD627 USD12,342 USD
20005.35 bn USD636 USD9,877 USD
20015.84 bn USD680 USD9,894 USD
20026.04 bn USD690 USD10,773 USD
20036.81 bn USD764 USD13,433 USD
20046.89 bn USD760 USD15,459 USD
20056.97 bn USD755 USD16,095 USD
20065.61 bn USD597 USD16,570 USD
20074.87 bn USD509 USD18,334 USD
20085.66 bn USD582 USD21,119 USD
20096.28 bn USD636 USD22,222 USD
20106.76 bn USD673 USD26,496 USD
20117.24 bn USD709 USD29,231 USD
20127.88 bn USD759 USD28,064 USD
20138.68 bn USD823 USD29,836 USD
20149.15 bn USD855 USD30,512 USD
20159.74 bn USD896 USD25,813 USD
201610.57 bn USD959 USD26,165 USD
201712.33 bn USD1,102 USD26,931 USD
201815.26 bn USD1,344 USD28,362 USD
201917.34 bn USD1,506 USD27,095 USD
202021.12 bn USD1,809 USD30,780 USD

Comparison of the gross debt per capita with the European Union in Euro

      Bolivia       European Union

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