Member States

The UNESCO is an alliance of currently 195 countries from almost all regions worldwide.

All member states comprise a total area of 133.83 million km² and about 7.41 billion people.
This is 88.9% of the habitable area around the world and 99.4% of the world population.
Afghanistan1948South Asia653,000 km²34.66 M
Albania1958Southern Europe29,000 km²2.88 M
Algeria1962Northern Africa2,382,000 km²40.61 M
Andorra1993Southern Europe470 km²0.08 M
Angola1977Central Africa1,247,000 km²28.81 M
Antigua and Barbuda1982Caribbean440 km²0.10 M
Argentina1948South America2,780,000 km²43.85 M
Armenia1992Western Asia30,000 km²2.92 M
Australia1946Australia/New Zealand7,741,000 km²24.21 M
Austria1948Western Europe84,000 km²8.73 M
Azerbaijan1992Western Asia87,000 km²9.76 M
Bahamas1981Caribbean14,000 km²0.39 M
Bahrain1972Western Asia771 km²1.43 M
Bangladesh1972South Asia148,000 km²162.95 M
Barbados1968Caribbean430 km²0.28 M
Belarus1954Eastern Europe208,000 km²9.50 M
Belgium1946Western Europe31,000 km²11.34 M
Belize1982Central America23,000 km²0.37 M
Benin1960Western Africa115,000 km²10.87 M
Bhutan1982South Asia38,000 km²0.80 M
Bolivia1946South America1,099,000 km²10.89 M
Bosnia and Herzegovina1993Southern Europe51,000 km²3.52 M
Botswana1980Southern Africa582,000 km²2.25 M
Brazil1946South America8,516,000 km²207.65 M
Brunei2005Southeast Asia5,770 km²0.42 M
Bulgaria1956Eastern Europe111,000 km²7.13 M
Burkina Faso1960Western Africa274,000 km²18.65 M
Burma1949Southeast Asia677,000 km²52.89 M
Burundi1962Eastern Africa28,000 km²10.52 M
Cambodia1951Southeast Asia181,000 km²15.76 M
Cameroon1960Central Africa475,000 km²23.44 M
Canada1946North America9,985,000 km²36.26 M
Cape Verde1978Western Africa4,030 km²0.54 M
Central African Republic1960Central Africa623,000 km²4.59 M
Chad1960Central Africa1,284,000 km²14.45 M
Chile1953South America756,000 km²17.91 M
China1971East Asia9,563,000 km²1,378.67 M
Colombia1947South America1,142,000 km²48.65 M
Comoros1977Eastern Africa1,861 km²0.80 M
Cook Islands1989Polynesia236 km²0.01 M
Costa Rica1950Central America51,000 km²4.86 M
Croatia1992Southern Europe57,000 km²4.17 M
Cuba1947Caribbean110,000 km²11.48 M
Cyprus1961Western Asia9,250 km²1.17 M
Czech Republic1993Eastern Europe79,000 km²10.57 M
Democratic Republic of the Congo1960Central Africa2,345,000 km²78.74 M
Denmark1946Northern Europe43,000 km²5.73 M
Djibouti1989Eastern Africa23,000 km²0.94 M
Dominica1979Caribbean750 km²0.07 M
Dominican Republic1946Caribbean49,000 km²10.65 M
East Timor2003Southeast Asia15,000 km²1.27 M
Ecuador1947South America256,000 km²16.39 M
Egypt1946Northern Africa1,001,000 km²95.69 M
El Salvador1948Central America21,000 km²6.34 M
Equatorial Guinea1979Central Africa28,000 km²1.22 M
Eritrea1993Eastern Africa118,000 km²5.92 M
Estonia1991Northern Europe45,000 km²1.32 M
Ethiopia1995Eastern Africa1,104,000 km²102.40 M
Fiji1983Melanesia18,000 km²0.90 M
Finland1956Northern Europe338,000 km²5.50 M
France1946Western Europe549,000 km²66.89 M
Gabon1960Central Africa268,000 km²1.98 M
Gambia1973Western Africa11,000 km²2.04 M
Georgia1992Western Asia70,000 km²3.72 M
Germany1951Western Europe357,000 km²82.49 M
Ghana1958Western Africa239,000 km²28.21 M
Greece1946Southern Europe132,000 km²10.77 M
Grenada1975Caribbean340 km²0.11 M
Guatemala1950Central America109,000 km²16.58 M
Guinea1960Western Africa246,000 km²12.40 M
Guinea-Bissau1974Western Africa36,000 km²1.82 M
Guyana1967South America215,000 km²0.77 M
Haiti1946Caribbean28,000 km²10.85 M
Honduras1947Central America112,000 km²9.11 M
Hungary1948Eastern Europe93,000 km²9.81 M
Iceland1964Northern Europe103,000 km²0.34 M
India1946South Asia3,287,000 km²1,324.17 M
Indonesia1950Southeast Asia1,911,000 km²261.12 M
Iran1948South Asia1,745,000 km²80.28 M
Iraq1948Western Asia435,000 km²37.20 M
Ireland1961British Isles70,000 km²4.75 M
Israel1949Western Asia22,000 km²8.55 M
Italy1948Southern Europe301,000 km²60.63 M
Ivory Coast1960Western Africa322,000 km²23.70 M
Jamaica1962Caribbean11,000 km²2.88 M
Japan1951East Asia378,000 km²126.99 M
Jordan1950Western Asia89,000 km²9.46 M
Kazakhstan1992Central Asia2,725,000 km²17.79 M
Kenya1964Eastern Africa580,000 km²48.46 M
Kiribati1989Micronesia810 km²0.11 M
Kuwait1960Western Asia18,000 km²4.05 M
Kyrgyzstan1992Central Asia200,000 km²6.08 M
Laos1951Southeast Asia237,000 km²6.76 M
Latvia1991Northern Europe64,000 km²1.96 M
Lebanon1946Western Asia10,000 km²6.01 M
Lesotho1967Southern Africa30,000 km²2.20 M
Liberia1947Western Africa111,000 km²4.61 M
Libya1953Northern Africa1,760,000 km²6.29 M
Lithuania1991Northern Europe65,000 km²2.87 M
Luxembourg1947Western Europe2,590 km²0.58 M
Macedonia1993Southern Europe26,000 km²2.08 M
Madagascar1960Eastern Africa587,000 km²24.89 M
Malawi1964Eastern Africa118,000 km²18.09 M
Malaysia1958Southeast Asia331,000 km²31.19 M
Maldives1980South Asia300 km²0.43 M
Mali1960Western Africa1,240,000 km²17.99 M
Malta1965Southern Europe320 km²0.44 M
Marshall Islands1995Micronesia180 km²0.05 M
Mauritania1962Western Africa1,031,000 km²4.30 M
Mauritius1968Eastern Africa2,040 km²1.26 M
Mexico1946Central America1,964,000 km²127.54 M
Micronesia, Federated States of1999Micronesia700 km²0.10 M
Moldova1992Eastern Europe34,000 km²3.55 M
Monaco1949Western Europe2 km²0.04 M
Mongolia1962East Asia1,564,000 km²3.03 M
Montenegro2007Southern Europe14,000 km²0.62 M
Morocco1956Northern Africa447,000 km²35.28 M
Mozambique1976Eastern Africa799,000 km²28.83 M
Namibia1978Southern Africa824,000 km²2.48 M
Nauru1996Micronesia20 km²0.01 M
Nepal1953South Asia147,000 km²28.98 M
Netherlands1947Western Europe42,000 km²17.03 M
New Zealand1946Australia/New Zealand268,000 km²4.69 M
Nicaragua1952Central America130,000 km²6.15 M
Niger1960Western Africa1,267,000 km²20.67 M
Nigeria1960Western Africa924,000 km²185.99 M
Niue1963Polynesia260 km²0.00 M
North Korea1974East Asia121,000 km²25.37 M
Norway1946Northern Europe385,000 km²5.24 M
Oman1972Western Asia310,000 km²4.42 M
Pakistan1949South Asia796,000 km²193.20 M
Palau1999Micronesia460 km²0.02 M
Palestine2011Western Asia6,020 km²4.55 M
Panama1950Central America75,000 km²4.03 M
Papua New Guinea1976Melanesia463,000 km²8.08 M
Paraguay1955South America407,000 km²6.73 M
Peru1946South America1,285,000 km²31.77 M
Philippines1946Southeast Asia300,000 km²103.32 M
Poland1946Eastern Europe313,000 km²37.97 M
Portugal1965Southern Europe92,000 km²10.33 M
Qatar1972Western Asia12,000 km²2.57 M
Republic of the Congo1960Central Africa342,000 km²5.13 M
Romania1956Eastern Europe238,000 km²19.70 M
Russia1954Eastern Europe17,098,000 km²144.34 M
Rwanda1962Eastern Africa26,000 km²11.92 M
Saint Kitts and Nevis1983Caribbean260 km²0.05 M
Saint Lucia1980Caribbean620 km²0.18 M
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines1983Caribbean390 km²0.11 M
Samoa1981Polynesia2,840 km²0.20 M
San Marino1974Southern Europe60 km²0.03 M
Sao Tome and Principe1980Central Africa960 km²0.20 M
Saudi Arabia1946Western Asia2,150,000 km²32.28 M
Senegal1960Western Africa197,000 km²15.41 M
Serbia2000Southern Europe88,000 km²7.06 M
Seychelles1976Eastern Africa460 km²0.09 M
Sierra Leone1962Western Africa72,000 km²7.40 M
Singapore1965Southeast Asia719 km²5.61 M
Slovakia1993Eastern Europe49,000 km²5.43 M
Slovenia1992Southern Europe20,000 km²2.07 M
Solomon Islands1993Melanesia29,000 km²0.60 M
Somalia1960Eastern Africa638,000 km²14.32 M
South Africa1946Southern Africa1,219,000 km²56.02 M
South Korea1950East Asia100,000 km²51.25 M
South Sudan2011Northern Africa644,000 km²12.23 M
Spain1953Southern Europe506,000 km²46.48 M
Sri Lanka1949South Asia66,000 km²21.20 M
Sudan1956Northern Africa1,879,000 km²39.58 M
Suriname1976South America164,000 km²0.56 M
Swaziland1978Southern Africa17,000 km²1.34 M
Sweden1950Northern Europe447,000 km²9.92 M
Switzerland1949Western Europe41,000 km²8.37 M
Syria1946Western Asia185,000 km²18.43 M
Tajikistan1993Central Asia141,000 km²8.73 M
Tanzania1962Eastern Africa947,000 km²55.57 M
Thailand1949Southeast Asia513,000 km²68.86 M
Togo1960Western Africa57,000 km²7.61 M
Tonga1980Polynesia750 km²0.11 M
Trinidad and Tobago1962Caribbean5,130 km²1.36 M
Tunisia1956Northern Africa164,000 km²11.40 M
Turkey1946Western Asia785,000 km²79.51 M
Turkmenistan1993Central Asia488,000 km²5.66 M
Tuvalu1991Polynesia30 km²0.01 M
Uganda1962Eastern Africa242,000 km²41.49 M
Ukraine1954Eastern Europe604,000 km²45.00 M
United Arab Emirates1972Western Asia84,000 km²9.27 M
United Kingdom1946British Isles244,000 km²65.60 M
United States1946North America9,832,000 km²323.13 M
Uruguay1947South America176,000 km²3.44 M
Uzbekistan1993Central Asia447,000 km²31.85 M
Vanuatu1994Melanesia12,000 km²0.27 M
Venezuela1946South America912,000 km²31.57 M
Vietnam1951Southeast Asia331,000 km²94.57 M
Yemen1962Western Asia528,000 km²27.58 M
Zambia1964Eastern Africa753,000 km²16.59 M
Zimbabwe1980Eastern Africa391,000 km²16.15 M