Member states of the UN
United Nations

The UN is an alliance of states with currently 193 member states from all regions of the world. The United Nations is a global organization whose tasks consist of securing peace and protecting human and international rights.

All member states together cover an area of 133.81 million km² and 7.84 billion people. This is 88.53 percent of the world's inhabitable area and 99.45 percent of the world's population.

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Map of member countries: UN - United Nations
Afghanistan194640.10 M653,000 km²
Albania19552.81 M29,000 km²
Algeria196244.18 M2,382,000 km²
Andorra19930.08 M470 km²
Angola197634.50 M1,247,000 km²
Antigua and Barbuda19810.09 M440 km²
Argentina194545.81 M2,780,000 km²
Armenia19922.79 M30,000 km²
Australia194525.69 M7,741,000 km²
Austria19558.96 M84,000 km²
Azerbaijan199210.14 M87,000 km²
Bahamas19730.41 M14,000 km²
Bahrain19711.46 M778 km²
Bangladesh1974169.36 M148,000 km²
Barbados19660.28 M430 km²
Belarus19459.34 M208,000 km²
Belgium194511.59 M31,000 km²
Belize19810.40 M23,000 km²
Benin196013.00 M115,000 km²
Bhutan19710.78 M38,000 km²
Bolivia194512.08 M1,099,000 km²
Bosnia and Herzegovina19923.27 M51,000 km²
Botswana19662.59 M582,000 km²
Brazil1945214.33 M8,516,000 km²
Brunei19840.45 M5,770 km²
Bulgaria19556.88 M111,000 km²
Burkina Faso196022.10 M274,000 km²
Burundi196212.55 M28,000 km²
Cambodia195516.59 M181,000 km²
Cameroon196027.20 M475,000 km²
Canada194538.25 M9,985,000 km²
Cape Verde19750.59 M4,030 km²
Central Africa19605.46 M623,000 km²
Chad196017.18 M1,284,000 km²
Chile194519.49 M757,000 km²
China19711,412.36 M9,563,000 km²
Colombia194551.52 M1,142,000 km²
Comoros19750.82 M1,861 km²
Congo19605.84 M342,000 km²
Congo (Dem. Republic)196095.89 M2,345,000 km²
Costa Rica19455.15 M51,000 km²
Croatia19923.90 M57,000 km²
Cuba194511.26 M110,000 km²
Cyprus19601.24 M9,250 km²
Czechia199310.51 M79,000 km²
Denmark19455.86 M43,000 km²
Djibouti19771.11 M23,000 km²
Dominica19780.07 M750 km²
Dominican Republic194511.12 M49,000 km²
Ecuador194517.80 M256,000 km²
Egypt1945109.26 M1,001,000 km²
El Salvador19456.31 M21,000 km²
Equatorial Guinea19681.63 M28,000 km²
Eritrea19933.62 M118,000 km²
Estonia19911.33 M45,000 km²
Eswatini19681.19 M17,000 km²
Ethiopia1945120.28 M1,104,000 km²
Fiji19700.92 M18,000 km²
Finland19555.54 M338,000 km²
France194567.75 M549,000 km²
Gabon19602.34 M268,000 km²
Gambia19652.64 M11,000 km²
Georgia19923.71 M70,000 km²
Germany197383.20 M358,000 km²
Ghana195732.83 M239,000 km²
Greece194510.64 M132,000 km²
Grenada19740.12 M340 km²
Guatemala194517.11 M109,000 km²
Guinea195813.53 M246,000 km²
Guinea-Bissau19742.06 M36,000 km²
Guyana19660.80 M215,000 km²
Haiti194511.45 M28,000 km²
Honduras194510.28 M112,000 km²
Hungary19559.71 M93,000 km²
Iceland19460.37 M103,000 km²
India19451,407.56 M3,287,000 km²
Indonesia1950273.75 M1,914,000 km²
Iran194587.92 M1,745,000 km²
Iraq194543.53 M435,000 km²
Ireland19555.03 M70,000 km²
Israel19499.36 M22,000 km²
Italy195559.11 M301,000 km²
Ivory Coast196027.48 M322,000 km²
Jamaica19622.83 M11,000 km²
Japan1956125.68 M378,000 km²
Jordan195511.15 M89,000 km²
Kazakhstan199219.00 M2,725,000 km²
Kenya196353.01 M580,000 km²
Kiribati19990.13 M810 km²
Kuwait19634.25 M18,000 km²
Kyrgyzstan19926.69 M200,000 km²
Laos19557.43 M237,000 km²
Latvia19911.88 M64,000 km²
Lebanon19455.59 M10,000 km²
Lesotho19662.28 M30,000 km²
Liberia19455.19 M111,000 km²
Libya19556.74 M1,760,000 km²
Liechtenstein19900.04 M161 km²
Lithuania19912.80 M65,000 km²
Luxembourg19450.64 M2,590 km²
Madagascar196028.92 M587,000 km²
Malawi196419.89 M118,000 km²
Malaysia195733.57 M330,000 km²
Maldives19650.52 M300 km²
Mali196021.90 M1,240,000 km²
Malta19640.52 M320 km²
Marshall Islands19910.04 M181 km²
Mauritania19614.61 M1,031,000 km²
Mauritius19681.27 M2,040 km²
Mexico1945126.71 M1,964,000 km²
Micronesia19910.11 M700 km²
Moldova19922.62 M34,000 km²
Monaco19930.04 M2 km²
Mongolia19613.35 M1,564,000 km²
Montenegro20060.62 M14,000 km²
Morocco195637.08 M447,000 km²
Mozambique197532.08 M786,000 km²
Myanmar194853.80 M677,000 km²
Namibia19902.53 M824,000 km²
Nauru19990.01 M21 km²
Nepal195530.03 M147,000 km²
Netherlands194517.53 M42,000 km²
New Zealand19455.12 M268,000 km²
Nicaragua19456.85 M130,000 km²
Niger196025.25 M1,267,000 km²
Nigeria1960213.40 M924,000 km²
North Korea199125.97 M121,000 km²
North Macedonia19932.07 M26,000 km²
Norway19455.41 M385,000 km²
Oman19714.52 M310,000 km²
Pakistan1947231.40 M796,000 km²
Palau19940.02 M460 km²
Panama19454.35 M75,000 km²
Papua New Guinea19759.95 M463,000 km²
Paraguay19456.70 M407,000 km²
Peru194533.72 M1,285,000 km²
Philippines1945113.88 M300,000 km²
Poland194537.75 M313,000 km²
Portugal195510.33 M92,000 km²
Qatar19712.69 M12,000 km²
Romania195519.12 M238,000 km²
Russia1991143.45 M17,098,000 km²
Rwanda196213.46 M26,000 km²
Saint Kitts and Nevis19830.05 M260 km²
Saint Lucia19790.18 M620 km²
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines19800.10 M390 km²
Samoa19760.22 M2,840 km²
San Marino19920.03 M61 km²
Sao Tome and Principe19750.22 M960 km²
Saudi Arabia194535.95 M2,150,000 km²
Senegal196016.88 M197,000 km²
Serbia20006.83 M88,000 km²
Seychelles19760.10 M460 km²
Sierra Leone19618.42 M72,000 km²
Singapore19655.45 M719 km²
Slovakia19935.45 M49,000 km²
Slovenia19922.11 M21,000 km²
Solomon Islands19780.71 M29,000 km²
Somalia196017.07 M638,000 km²
South Africa194559.39 M1,219,000 km²
South Korea199151.74 M100,000 km²
South Sudan201110.75 M644,000 km²
Spain195547.42 M506,000 km²
Sri Lanka195522.16 M66,000 km²
Sudan195645.66 M1,879,000 km²
Suriname19750.61 M164,000 km²
Sweden194610.42 M447,000 km²
Switzerland20028.70 M41,000 km²
Syria194521.32 M185,000 km²
Tajikistan19929.75 M141,000 km²
Tanzania196463.59 M947,000 km²
Thailand194671.60 M513,000 km²
Timor-Leste20021.32 M15,000 km²
Togo19608.64 M57,000 km²
Tonga19990.11 M750 km²
Trinidad and Tobago19621.53 M5,130 km²
Tunisia195612.26 M164,000 km²
Turkey194584.78 M785,000 km²
Turkmenistan19926.34 M488,000 km²
Tuvalu20000.01 M26 km²
Uganda196245.85 M242,000 km²
Ukraine194543.79 M604,000 km²
United Arab Emirates19719.37 M84,000 km²
United Kingdom194567.33 M244,000 km²
United States1945331.89 M9,832,000 km²
Uruguay19453.43 M176,000 km²
Uzbekistan199234.92 M447,000 km²
Vanuatu19810.32 M12,000 km²
Venezuela194528.20 M912,000 km²
Vietnam197797.47 M331,000 km²
Yemen194732.98 M528,000 km²
Zambia196419.47 M753,000 km²
Zimbabwe198015.99 M391,000 km²

Fields of activity

As an association of practically all states and their territories, the UN is primarily concerned with the observance of world peace, human rights and international law. These predominantly humanitarian goals of the international governmental organization are discussed in the UN General Assembly and recommendations are made to the states concerned. If a country does not comply with these decisions, recommendations for sanctions or embargoes against the affected state can also be made to other countries. This instrument can be quite frightening in combination with UN Security Council resolutions that are binding under international law and the deployment of UN peacekeeping forces (blue helmets).

Other organs of the UN are the International Court of Justice in The Hague, the UN Security Council and the UN Economic and Social Council. There are also a number of subordinate councils, programs and specialized agencies. The headquarters is located in New York City. Important representations are also located in Geneva, Vienna and Nairobi. It is financed by contributions from the member countries, i.e., ultimately from their taxpayers.

Non-members of the United Nations

With 193 member states and their additionally dependent external territories, it would almost be easier to list only the countries that are not members. These are the following countries or territories:
  • Northern Cyprus is actually a Turkish republic according to all UN member states. Turkey does not recognize Northern Cyprus.
  • Taiwan is claimed by China and was a regular member of the UN until 1971. Due to foreign policy constraints with China several states were forced to no longer recognize Taiwan and to consider it part of China in the future.
  • The status of Western Sahara under international law has not yet been clarified. There are still disputes between Morocco and the Sahrawis that do not currently allow recognition as an independent country.
  • The status of Kosovo under international law is also still controversial. Although more than half of the UN members now recognize Kosovo as a sovereign state, it is still under the administrative jurisdiction of the United Nations.
  • Vatican City and Palestine have the role of permanent observer. They are treated as members, but have no voting rights in the General Assembly.
  • The Cook Islands, Niue and Northern Mariana Islands are smaller Pacific island states with a total population of less than 70,000. They are freely associated with New Zealand and the USA respectively, but are monitored by the UN.
  • Curaçao is an island in the Caribbean and has actually become a sovereign state since the dissolution of the Netherlands Antilles in 2010. It is considered an "independent country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands" by the United Nations.

Dependent territories

Some of the above-mentioned member states have other external territories dependent on them. These are not independent states, but they do have some economic and political autonomy. The UN treaties apply to them at least in part. These countries are not listed as official member states.

ÅlandNorthern EuropeTerritory of Finland
American SamoaPolynesiaSelf-governing territory of the USA
AnguillaCaribbeanSelf-governing territory of the United Kingdom
ArubaCaribbeanTerritory of the Netherlands Kingdom
BermudaNorth AmericaSelf-governing territory of the United Kingdom
Bouvet IslandSouth AmericaTerritory of Norway
British Indian Ocean TerritoryEastern AfricaTerritory of the United Kingdom
British Virgin IslandsCaribbeanSelf-governing territory of the United Kingdom
Caribbean NetherlandsCaribbeanTerritory of the Netherlands
Cayman IslandsCaribbeanSelf-governing territory of the United Kingdom
Christmas IslandAustralia/New ZealandNon-self-governing territory of Australia
Cocos IslandsAustralia/New ZealandNon-self-governing territory of Australia
Falkland IslandsSouth AmericaSelf-governing territory of the United Kingdom
Faroe IslandsNorthern EuropeTerritory of the Danish Kingdom
French Antarctic LandsAntarcticaTerritory of France
French GuianaSouth AmericaTerritory of France
French PolynesiaPolynesiaTerritory of France
GibraltarSouthern EuropeSelf-governing territory of the United Kingdom
GreenlandNorth AmericaTerritory of the Danish Kingdom
GuadeloupeCaribbeanTerritory of France
GuamMicronesiaSelf-governing unincorporated territory of the United States
GuernseyNorthern EuropeAutonomous Crown Dependency of the United Kingdom
Heard and McDonaldAustralia/New ZealandTerritory of Australia
Hong KongEast AsiaSpecial administrative region of China
Isle of ManNorthern EuropeAutonomous Crown Dependency of the United Kingdom
JerseyNorthern EuropeAutonomous Crown Dependency of the United Kingdom
MacaoEast AsiaSpecial administrative region of China
MartiniqueCaribbeanTerritory of France
MayotteEastern AfricaTerritory of France
MontserratCaribbeanSelf-governing territory of the United Kingdom
New CaledoniaMelanesiaTerritory of France
Norfolk IslandAustralia/New ZealandTerritory of Australia
Northern MarianasMicronesiaTerritory of the United States
Outlying IslandsMicronesiaTerritory of the United States
Pitcairn IslandsPolynesiaBritish overseas territory
Puerto RicoCaribbeanUnincorporated territory of the US
ReunionEastern AfricaTerritory of France
Saint BarthelemyCaribbeanTerritory of France
Saint HelenaWestern AfricaLimited self-governing territory of the United Kingdom
Saint MartinCaribbeanAutonomous territory of the Netherlands Kingdom
Saint Pierre and MiquelonNorth AmericaTerritory of France
South GeorgiaSouth AmericaTerritory of the United Kingdom
St. MartinCaribbeanTerritory of France
SvalbardNorthern EuropeTerritory of Norway
TaiwanEast AsiaTerritory of China
TokelauPolynesiaTerritory of New Zealand
Turks and Caicos IslandsCaribbeanSelf-governing territory of the United Kingdom
Virgin IslandsCaribbeanSelf-governing territory of the USA
Wallis and FutunaPolynesiaTerritory of France