Member states of the TPP
Trans-Pacific Partnership

The TPP is an alliance of currently 10 countries mainly located in Southeast Asia and in Australia/New Zealand.

All member states comprise a total area of 13.06 million km² and about 470.13 million people.
This is 8.7% of the habitable area around the world and 6.1% of the world population.
Australia2016Australia/New Zealand7,741,000 km²25.36 M
Brunei2016Southeast Asia5,770 km²0.43 M
Chile2016South America757,000 km²18.95 M
Japan2016East Asia378,000 km²126.26 M
Malaysia2016Southeast Asia330,000 km²31.95 M
Mexico2016Central America1,964,000 km²127.58 M
New Zealand2016Australia/New Zealand268,000 km²4.92 M
Peru2016South America1,285,000 km²32.51 M
Singapore2016Southeast Asia719 km²5.70 M
Vietnam2016Southeast Asia331,000 km²96.46 M

Former member states

CanadaNov 2017North America9,985,000 km²37.59 M
United StatesJan 2017North America9,832,000 km²328.24 M

Dependent territories

Some of the above member states have other dependent outlying areas. These are not independent states, but they do have some economic and political autonomy. The treaties concluded by the TPP apply to them at least in part. However, these countries are not listed as official member states.

Christmas IslandAustralia/New Zealandnicht selbstregiertes Territorium Australiens
Cocos (Keeling) IslandsAustralia/New Zealandnicht selbstregiertes Territorium Australiens
Heard Island and McDonald IslandsAustralia/New ZealandTerritory of Australia
Norfolk IslandAustralia/New ZealandTerritorium Australiens
TokelauPolynesiaTerritorium Neuseelands