OIC - Organization of Islamic Cooperation

The OIC is an alliance of states of currently 56 countries mainly located in Western Asia and in Western Africa.

All member states comprise a total area of 31.66 million km² and about 1.86 billion people. This is 21.0% of the habitable area around the world and 24% of the world population. With an economic output of 7,162.17 billion US dollars annually, they represent around 8 percent of the global economy.
Afghanistan1969South Asia653,000 km²38.04 M
Albania1992Southern Europe29,000 km²2.85 M
Algeria1969Northern Africa2,382,000 km²43.05 M
Azerbaijan1992Western Asia87,000 km²10.02 M
Bahrain1972Western Asia778 km²1.64 M
Bangladesh1974South Asia148,000 km²163.05 M
Benin1983Western Africa115,000 km²11.80 M
Brunei1984Southeast Asia5,770 km²0.43 M
Burkina Faso1974Western Africa274,000 km²20.32 M
Cameroon1974Central Africa475,000 km²25.88 M
Chad1969Central Africa1,284,000 km²15.95 M
Comoros1976Eastern Africa1,861 km²0.85 M
Djibouti1978Eastern Africa23,000 km²0.97 M
Egypt1969Northern Africa1,001,000 km²100.39 M
Gabon1974Central Africa268,000 km²2.17 M
Gambia1974Western Africa11,000 km²2.35 M
Guinea1969Western Africa246,000 km²12.77 M
Guinea-Bissau1974Western Africa36,000 km²1.92 M
Guyana1998South America215,000 km²0.78 M
Indonesia1969Southeast Asia1,914,000 km²270.63 M
Iran1969South Asia1,745,000 km²82.91 M
Iraq1975Western Asia435,000 km²39.31 M
Ivory Coast2001Western Africa322,000 km²25.72 M
Jordan1969Western Asia89,000 km²10.10 M
Kazakhstan1995Central Asia2,725,000 km²18.51 M
Kuwait1969Western Asia18,000 km²4.21 M
Kyrgyzstan1992Central Asia200,000 km²6.46 M
Lebanon1969Western Asia10,000 km²6.86 M
Libya1969Northern Africa1,760,000 km²6.78 M
Malaysia1969Southeast Asia330,000 km²31.95 M
Maldives1976South Asia300 km²0.53 M
Mali1969Western Africa1,240,000 km²19.66 M
Mauritania1969Western Africa1,031,000 km²4.53 M
Morocco1969Northern Africa447,000 km²36.47 M
Mozambique1994Eastern Africa786,000 km²30.37 M
Niger1969Western Africa1,267,000 km²23.31 M
Nigeria1986Western Africa924,000 km²200.96 M
Oman1972Western Asia310,000 km²4.97 M
Pakistan1969South Asia796,000 km²216.57 M
Palestine1969Western Asia6,020 km²4.69 M
Qatar1972Western Asia12,000 km²2.83 M
Saudi Arabia1969Western Asia2,150,000 km²34.27 M
Senegal1969Western Africa197,000 km²16.30 M
Sierra Leone1972Western Africa72,000 km²7.81 M
Somalia1969Eastern Africa638,000 km²15.44 M
Sudan1969Northern Africa1,879,000 km²42.81 M
Suriname1996South America164,000 km²0.58 M
Tajikistan1969Central Asia141,000 km²9.32 M
Togo1997Western Africa57,000 km²8.08 M
Tunisia1969Northern Africa164,000 km²11.69 M
Turkey1969Western Asia785,000 km²83.43 M
Turkmenistan1992Central Asia488,000 km²5.94 M
Uganda1974Eastern Africa242,000 km²44.27 M
United Arab Emirates1972Western Asia84,000 km²9.77 M
Uzbekistan1996Central Asia447,000 km²33.58 M
Yemen1969Western Asia528,000 km²29.16 M