Member states of the Non-Aligned Movement

The Non-Aligned Movement is an alliance of states of currently 120 countries from almost all regions worldwide.

All member states comprise a total area of 54.53 million km² and about 4.38 billion people. This is 36.2% of the habitable area around the world and 57% of the world population. With an economic output of 13,370.17 trillion US dollars annually, they represent around 15 percent of the global economy.
AfghanistanSouth Asia653,000 km²38.04 M
AlgeriaNorthern Africa2,382,000 km²43.05 M
AngolaCentral Africa1,247,000 km²31.83 M
Antigua and BarbudaCaribbean440 km²0.10 M
AzerbaijanWestern Asia87,000 km²10.02 M
BahamasCaribbean14,000 km²0.39 M
BahrainWestern Asia778 km²1.64 M
BangladeshSouth Asia148,000 km²163.05 M
BarbadosCaribbean430 km²0.29 M
BelarusEastern Europe208,000 km²9.47 M
BelizeCentral America23,000 km²0.39 M
BeninWestern Africa115,000 km²11.80 M
BhutanSouth Asia38,000 km²0.76 M
BoliviaSouth America1,099,000 km²11.51 M
BotswanaSouthern Africa582,000 km²2.30 M
BruneiSoutheast Asia5,770 km²0.43 M
Burkina FasoWestern Africa274,000 km²20.32 M
BurmaSoutheast Asia677,000 km²54.05 M
BurundiEastern Africa28,000 km²11.53 M
CambodiaSoutheast Asia181,000 km²16.49 M
CameroonCentral Africa475,000 km²25.88 M
Cape VerdeWestern Africa4,030 km²0.55 M
Central African RepublicCentral Africa623,000 km²4.75 M
ChadCentral Africa1,284,000 km²15.95 M
ChileSouth America757,000 km²18.95 M
ColombiaSouth America1,142,000 km²50.34 M
ComorosEastern Africa1,861 km²0.85 M
CubaCaribbean110,000 km²11.33 M
Democratic Republic of the CongoCentral Africa2,345,000 km²86.79 M
DjiboutiEastern Africa23,000 km²0.97 M
DominicaCaribbean750 km²0.07 M
Dominican RepublicCaribbean49,000 km²10.74 M
East TimorSoutheast Asia15,000 km²1.29 M
EcuadorSouth America256,000 km²17.37 M
EgyptNorthern Africa1,001,000 km²100.39 M
Equatorial GuineaCentral Africa28,000 km²1.36 M
EritreaEastern Africa118,000 km²3.50 M
EthiopiaEastern Africa1,104,000 km²112.08 M
FijiMelanesia18,000 km²0.89 M
GabonCentral Africa268,000 km²2.17 M
GambiaWestern Africa11,000 km²2.35 M
GhanaWestern Africa239,000 km²30.42 M
GrenadaCaribbean340 km²0.11 M
GuatemalaCentral America109,000 km²16.60 M
GuineaWestern Africa246,000 km²12.77 M
Guinea-BissauWestern Africa36,000 km²1.92 M
GuyanaSouth America215,000 km²0.78 M
HaitiCaribbean28,000 km²11.26 M
HondurasCentral America112,000 km²9.75 M
IndiaSouth Asia3,287,000 km²1,366.42 M
IndonesiaSoutheast Asia1,914,000 km²270.63 M
IranSouth Asia1,745,000 km²82.91 M
IraqWestern Asia435,000 km²39.31 M
Ivory CoastWestern Africa322,000 km²25.72 M
JamaicaCaribbean11,000 km²2.95 M
JordanWestern Asia89,000 km²10.10 M
KenyaEastern Africa580,000 km²52.57 M
KuwaitWestern Asia18,000 km²4.21 M
LaosSoutheast Asia237,000 km²7.17 M
LebanonWestern Asia10,000 km²6.86 M
LesothoSouthern Africa30,000 km²2.13 M
LiberiaWestern Africa111,000 km²4.94 M
LibyaNorthern Africa1,760,000 km²6.78 M
MadagascarEastern Africa587,000 km²26.97 M
MalawiEastern Africa118,000 km²18.63 M
MalaysiaSoutheast Asia330,000 km²31.95 M
MaldivesSouth Asia300 km²0.53 M
MaliWestern Africa1,240,000 km²19.66 M
MauritaniaWestern Africa1,031,000 km²4.53 M
MauritiusEastern Africa2,040 km²1.27 M
MongoliaEast Asia1,564,000 km²3.23 M
MoroccoNorthern Africa447,000 km²36.47 M
MozambiqueEastern Africa786,000 km²30.37 M
NamibiaSouthern Africa824,000 km²2.49 M
NepalSouth Asia147,000 km²28.61 M
NicaraguaCentral America130,000 km²6.55 M
NigerWestern Africa1,267,000 km²23.31 M
NigeriaWestern Africa924,000 km²200.96 M
North KoreaEast Asia121,000 km²25.67 M
OmanWestern Asia310,000 km²4.97 M
PakistanSouth Asia796,000 km²216.57 M
PalestineWestern Asia6,020 km²4.69 M
PanamaCentral America75,000 km²4.25 M
Papua New GuineaMelanesia463,000 km²8.78 M
PeruSouth America1,285,000 km²32.51 M
PhilippinesSoutheast Asia300,000 km²108.12 M
QatarWestern Asia12,000 km²2.83 M
Republic of the CongoCentral Africa342,000 km²5.38 M
RwandaEastern Africa26,000 km²12.63 M
Saint Kitts and NevisCaribbean260 km²0.05 M
Saint LuciaCaribbean620 km²0.18 M
Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesCaribbean390 km²0.11 M
Sao Tome and PrincipeCentral Africa960 km²0.22 M
Saudi ArabiaWestern Asia2,150,000 km²34.27 M
SenegalWestern Africa197,000 km²16.30 M
SeychellesEastern Africa460 km²0.10 M
Sierra LeoneWestern Africa72,000 km²7.81 M
SingaporeSoutheast Asia719 km²5.70 M
SomaliaEastern Africa638,000 km²15.44 M
South AfricaSouthern Africa1,219,000 km²58.56 M
Sri LankaSouth Asia66,000 km²21.80 M
SudanNorthern Africa1,879,000 km²42.81 M
SurinameSouth America164,000 km²0.58 M
SwazilandSouthern Africa17,000 km²1.15 M
SyriaWestern Asia185,000 km²17.07 M
TanzaniaEastern Africa947,000 km²58.01 M
ThailandSoutheast Asia513,000 km²69.63 M
TogoWestern Africa57,000 km²8.08 M
Trinidad and TobagoCaribbean5,130 km²1.39 M
TunisiaNorthern Africa164,000 km²11.69 M
TurkmenistanCentral Asia488,000 km²5.94 M
UgandaEastern Africa242,000 km²44.27 M
United Arab EmiratesWestern Asia84,000 km²9.77 M
UzbekistanCentral Asia447,000 km²33.58 M
VanuatuMelanesia12,000 km²0.30 M
VenezuelaSouth America912,000 km²28.52 M
VietnamSoutheast Asia331,000 km²96.46 M
YemenWestern Asia528,000 km²29.16 M
ZambiaEastern Africa753,000 km²17.86 M
ZimbabweEastern Africa391,000 km²14.65 M