Member states of the Latin Union

The Latin Union is an alliance of states of currently 38 countries mainly located in South America and in Central America.

All member states comprise a total area of 21.83 million km² and about 1.01 billion people. This is 14.5% of the habitable area around the world and 13% of the world population. With an economic output of 11,851.37 trillion US dollars annually, they represent around 13 percent of the global economy.
AndorraSouthern Europe470 km²0.08 M
AngolaCentral Africa1,247,000 km²31.83 M
BoliviaSouth America1,099,000 km²11.51 M
BrazilSouth America8,516,000 km²211.05 M
Cape VerdeWestern Africa4,030 km²0.55 M
ChileSouth America757,000 km²18.95 M
ColombiaSouth America1,142,000 km²50.34 M
Costa RicaCentral America51,000 km²5.05 M
CubaCaribbean110,000 km²11.33 M
Dominican RepublicCaribbean49,000 km²10.74 M
East TimorSoutheast Asia15,000 km²1.29 M
EcuadorSouth America256,000 km²17.37 M
El SalvadorCentral America21,000 km²6.45 M
FranceWestern Europe549,000 km²67.06 M
GuatemalaCentral America109,000 km²16.60 M
Guinea-BissauWestern Africa36,000 km²1.92 M
HaitiCaribbean28,000 km²11.26 M
Holy See (Vatican City)Southern Europe0 km²0.00 M
HondurasCentral America112,000 km²9.75 M
ItalySouthern Europe301,000 km²60.30 M
Ivory CoastWestern Africa322,000 km²25.72 M
MexicoCentral America1,964,000 km²127.58 M
MoldovaEastern Europe34,000 km²2.66 M
MonacoWestern Europe2 km²0.04 M
MozambiqueEastern Africa786,000 km²30.37 M
NicaraguaCentral America130,000 km²6.55 M
PanamaCentral America75,000 km²4.25 M
ParaguaySouth America407,000 km²7.04 M
PeruSouth America1,285,000 km²32.51 M
PhilippinesSoutheast Asia300,000 km²108.12 M
PortugalSouthern Europe92,000 km²10.27 M
RomaniaEastern Europe238,000 km²19.36 M
San MarinoSouthern Europe60 km²0.03 M
Sao Tome and PrincipeCentral Africa960 km²0.22 M
SenegalWestern Africa197,000 km²16.30 M
SpainSouthern Europe506,000 km²47.08 M
UruguaySouth America176,000 km²3.46 M
VenezuelaSouth America912,000 km²28.52 M

Dependent territories

Some of the above member states have other dependent outlying areas. These are not independent states, but they do have some economic and political autonomy. The treaties concluded by the Latin Union apply to them at least in part. However, these countries are not listed as official member states.

French GuianaSouth AmericaTerritory of France
French PolynesiaPolynesiaTerritorium Frankreichs
French Southern and Antarctic LandsAntarcticaTerritory of France
GuadeloupeCaribbeanTerritory of France
MartiniqueCaribbeanTerritory of France
MayotteEastern AfricaTerritory of France
New CaledoniaMelanesiaTerritorium Frankreichs
ReunionEastern AfricaTerritory of France
Saint BarthelemyCaribbeanTerritory of France
Saint MartinCaribbeanTerritory of France
Saint Pierre and MiquelonNorth AmericaTerritorium Frankreichs
Wallis and FutunaPolynesiaTerritorium Frankreichs