Member states of the EMU
Economic and Monetary Union

The EMU is an alliance of currently 19 countries mainly located in Western Europe and in Southern Europe.

All member states comprise a total area of 2.76 million km² and about 340.76 million Mio Menschen.
This is 1.83% of the habitable area around the world and 4.6% of the world population.
Austria1999Western Europe84,000 km²8.73 M
Belgium1999Western Europe31,000 km²11.34 M
Cyprus2008Western Asia9,250 km²1.17 M
Estonia2011Northern Europe45,000 km²1.32 M
Finland1999Northern Europe338,000 km²5.50 M
France1999Western Europe549,000 km²66.89 M
Germany1999Western Europe357,000 km²82.49 M
Greece2001Southern Europe132,000 km²10.77 M
Ireland1999British Isles70,000 km²4.75 M
Italy1999Southern Europe301,000 km²60.63 M
Latvia2014Northern Europe64,000 km²1.96 M
Lithuania2015Northern Europe65,000 km²2.87 M
Luxembourg1999Western Europe2,590 km²0.58 M
Malta2008Southern Europe320 km²0.44 M
Netherlands1999Western Europe42,000 km²17.03 M
Portugal1999Southern Europe92,000 km²10.33 M
Slovakia2009Eastern Europe49,000 km²5.43 M
Slovenia2007Southern Europe20,000 km²2.07 M
Spain1999Southern Europe506,000 km²46.48 M