Member states of the CIS
Commonwealth of Independent States

The CIS is an alliance of currently 10 countries mainly located in Central Asia and in Eastern Europe.

All member states comprise a total area of 21.46 million km² and about 243.29 million people.
This is 14.3% of the habitable area around the world and 3.2% of the world population.
Armenia1991Western Asia30,000 km²2.96 M
Azerbaijan1991Western Asia87,000 km²10.02 M
Belarus1991Eastern Europe208,000 km²9.47 M
Kazakhstan1991Central Asia2,725,000 km²18.51 M
Kyrgyzstan1991Central Asia200,000 km²6.46 M
Moldova1991Eastern Europe34,000 km²2.66 M
Russia1991Eastern Europe17,098,000 km²144.37 M
Tajikistan1991Central Asia141,000 km²9.32 M
Turkmenistan1991Central Asia488,000 km²5.94 M
Uzbekistan1991Central Asia447,000 km²33.58 M

Former member states

Georgia2009Western Asia70,000 km²3.72 M
Ukraine2014Eastern Europe604,000 km²44.39 M