The 5 BRICS countries

The BRICS countries are an association of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. The abbreviation consists of the initial letters of the country names. This refers to a group of the 5 countries (initially without South Africa), which belong to the emerging economies.

A total of 3.22 billion people live in these 5 countries, 41.13 percent of the world's population. China and India are the most populous countries in the world and thus account for by far the largest share.
Map of member countries: BRICS Countries
Brazil213.99 M8,516,000 km²
China1,412.36 M9,563,000 km²
India1,393.41 M3,287,000 km²
Russia143.45 M17,098,000 km²
South Africa60.04 M1,219,000 km²

The name derives from the major US bank Goldman Sachs, which attested outstanding growth rates of over 5% per annum to the original 4 emerging markets of Brazil, Russia, India and China. Since 2011, South Africa has also been a member of the Group at China's invitation.

Dependent territories

Some of the above-mentioned Member States have other external territories dependent on them. These are not independent states, but they do have some economic and political autonomy. The treaties concluded by the BRICS Countries apply to them at least in part. These countries are not listed as official member states.

Hong KongEast AsiaSpecial administrative region of China
MacaoEast AsiaSpecial administrative region of China
TaiwanEast AsiaTerritory of China