Member States
Arab League

The Arab League is an alliance of currently 22 countries mainly located in Western Asia and in Northern Africa.

All member states comprise a total area of 13.15 million km² and about 414.49 million people.
This is 8.7% of the habitable area around the world and 5.5% of the world population.
AlgeriaNorthern Africa2,382,000 km²41.32 M
BahrainWestern Asia778 km²1.49 M
ComorosEastern Africa1,861 km²0.81 M
DjiboutiEastern Africa23,000 km²0.96 M
EgyptNorthern Africa1,001,000 km²97.55 M
IraqWestern Asia435,000 km²38.27 M
JordanWestern Asia89,000 km²9.70 M
KuwaitWestern Asia18,000 km²4.14 M
LebanonWestern Asia10,000 km²6.08 M
LibyaNorthern Africa1,760,000 km²6.37 M
MauritaniaWestern Africa1,031,000 km²4.42 M
MoroccoNorthern Africa447,000 km²35.74 M
OmanWestern Asia310,000 km²4.64 M
PalestineWestern Asia6,020 km²4.68 M
QatarWestern Asia12,000 km²2.64 M
Saudi ArabiaWestern Asia2,150,000 km²32.94 M
SomaliaEastern Africa638,000 km²14.74 M
SudanNorthern Africa1,879,000 km²40.53 M
SyriaWestern Asia185,000 km²18.27 M
TunisiaNorthern Africa164,000 km²11.53 M
United Arab EmiratesWestern Asia84,000 km²9.40 M
YemenWestern Asia528,000 km²28.25 M